Investing in car insurance Pakistan is the most significant part of one’s life. Whether you invest in it with your own funds or on the lease, you cannot afford to get it damaged in any way. For most people, even a small scratch on a car can set them way back in their life. 

Hence, it is important to get adequate car insurance in Pakistan in case you get into an unfortunate event involving your car. You may have one form of coverage and you might be thinking if it is enough for the car. Whether you are fully covered or not, depends on the type of coverage and how much you have invested or are willing to invest. Let’s look at the differences between the two and work out the best plan for you.

What Is 5T Insurance in Pakistan?

5T insurance is an extension of 3T insurance. 3T insurance provides cover for third-party liability, total loss, and theft. 5T provides the added benefit of terrorist cover and tracker. The tracker comes in handy in the event of theft. It helps you locate your vehicle and retrieve it as the rightful owner. 

It is different from theft cover. In theft cover, you get the reimbursement for the price of your car, while the tracker aids in retrieving the car itself.

What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance is an all-in-one package for your car. It covers everything whether it be the loss of a part of the loss of the car itself. It covers you under all the disasters caused by you or other than ones, not in your control. Comprehensive is the more of a “you name it, you get it” kind of cover. It does not hold any limitations to what it covers hence making it the most recommended and desired cover. 

What Is The Difference Between 5T And Comprehensive Car Insurance Pakistan?

5T insurance and comprehensive are both adequate covers depending on your circumstances. The only difference is when you need cover in case of a natural calamity like a hailstorm, earthquake, or lightning strike. In these circumstances, 5T insurance is not adequate. This is what makes comprehensive insurance the most popular insurance among clients, 

Which One Should I Get For My Car?

Car insurance in Pakistan is a personal choice and customers prefer to go with the best according to their understanding. Some prefer third-party liability cover since it is the minimum cover required by the law in Pakistan, some prefer comprehensive due to all in one cover. Some might only buy a tracker.  However, our trusted advisors recommend getting comprehensive car insurance.

This is because you are covered under all circumstances in one policy. Not only that, but you don’t have to buy another policy for more cover. However, the tracker is not included in comprehensive insurance so you need to buy the tracker separately which costs you a few extra rupees.

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