A car is an asset that requires a lifetime of savings to attain. There are many options available for car insurance in Pakistan, ranging from 2T, 3T, 5T car coverage policy, and Third Party Liability to Comprehensive insurance. 

Today we will look at comprehensive car insurance and some perks that come with it. We will also shed some light on the importance of car insurance and which plan is generally best for cars. 

Let’s Compare takes account of its client’s best interests when educating them. Our discussions cover the queries from clients and what they want to know more about insurance-related topics. Let’s take a look at everything about comprehensive car insurance together!

What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance?

It is a complete coverage plan that covers the insurer against own damages, natural disasters, and third-party liability. It is an all-in-all cover for your car. It provides financial cover against the damages done to the vehicle. 

Third Party Liability is the least coverage required by our law. On the other hand, comprehensive car insurance makes it much more convenient for the insurer since it provides maximum protection and is beyond what the law requires. 

What Parts Are Covered By Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance is a complete package for all kinds of damages done to your car. Keep in mind that insurance plans only cover the parts that come with the vehicle. No insurance plan covers parts that you attach later. Let us assume you modify eternal attachments to make your car look more sporty. The insurance plan will not cover any damage to those parts. You will have to pay for it out of pocket. 

What Are The Benefits Of Having Comprehensive Car Coverage?

Since cars are such prominent assets, it is wise to spend a few extra rupees to have a financial cover against damages in the future. Insurance should be a part of planning, whether it is comprehensive or any minimal plan because a minute scratch can throw your budget off for months. So rather than spending money on it out of pocket, it is better to have a safety plan ready for unforeseen events. 

Other than that, the more stress-free you are, the more efficiently you will drive. Car insurance takes away the stress of financial burden off your shoulders. There are other perks like the No Claim Bonus (NCB) which encourages drivers to drive safely and promotes safe driving habits. The NCB states that if the insurer does not claim insurance in the period mentioned on the policy, they are granted some cookie points for being a good driver. 

Comprehensive car insurance protects you against the following damages:

  1. Natural disasters; like earthquakes, flooding, hailstorm, fire breakouts, and lightning strikes.
  2. Strikes, riots, vandalism, and theft.
  3. Own damage, third-party damage, loss of parts, theft.


Discussed above were the advantages of getting comprehensive car insurance. Let’s Compare has elaborate plans for all kinds of clients concerning car insurance. We encourage our clients to go for comprehensive car insurance plans. We are partners with reputed insurance companies across Pakistan, making our service as excellent as theirs. We take great pride in keeping our clients satisfied. Get your car insured now!

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