The best investment is the one you make in your health. With an increase in health concerns, people are getting more aware of how to take care of themselves and their loved ones in every way possible. Health insurance in Pakistan is gaining more popularity among people. 

Most of the time people prefer getting family floater plans as they fall under budget and they cover the whole family under one policy. Today we will guide you about what family floater plans are and how they are more convenient for you if you are looking for a health insurance policy that covers the whole family.

What Are Family Floater Plans?

A family floater plan is self-explanatory, it is the plan that floats from you to your family. Meaning the insurance is issued in your name and covers your whole family. Your family includes you, your wife, and your children.

How Do Family Floater Plans Work?

Now, just in case you want to get insurance for your parents, there is a different insurance plan for that. A clever hack to get insurance for your parents and siblings under one insurance policy is to get insurance under the name of your parents and add the other parent as spouse and add yourself and your siblings as children. But there is one problem with this approach. You and your siblings might not fall under the age bracket for family health insurance plans. The age limit of the child for the health insurance plan for the family is under 18. If you exceed the age limit then this is not eligible. 

In this case, you will need to purchase individual insurance for each one of your siblings and a health insurance plan for your parents. Another thing is if you have children. In that case, it is better for you to purchase a health insurance plan for your family and a health insurance plan for your parents separately. If you really want your siblings covered then you can encourage them to buy individual plans.


All in all, following are the takeaways from this depending on your scenario:

  1. If you are married and have a child, get a health insurance plan for your family.
  2. If you want yourself and your parents covered, get a family plan under the name of your guardian and add yourself as a child if you fall under the age bracket.
  3. If any of your siblings exceed the age bracket, get individual insurance for them.
  4. If none of you or your siblings fall under the age bracket, get individual plans for everyone and get an insurance plan for your parents.

Keeping the fact that family floater plans float to the spouse and children (under 18) in mind you can play around and find the best-suited scenario. 

Where To Get A  Family Floater Plan

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