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What Is The Update On Flood Crisis In Pakistan

Posted by Admin on 30 Aug 2022

No one teaches volcanoes to erupt, waters to flood, locusts to destroy, and earthquakes to wreak havoc yet it all is a cruel part of nature. It resets itself despite all the worthless efforts of man to make it a “better” place. It is yet again in the act of resetting showing us humans how powerless we are and how worthless our efforts are when mother nature is threatened.In light of recent events, Let’s Compare Online (Pvt) Ltd has decided to raise its voice and stand with the victims of the flood. We are using our platform to raise awareness and be the voice of our beloved customers and non-customers from the affected areas. The floods have taken our country and are mercilessly snatching the shade off of many heads. Even though nature is ruthless, a man in authority is capable of avoiding the maximum damage and taking protective measures to prevent as much damage as he can. And yet we are again at the mercy of the Almighty, watching our brothers and mothers drown helplessly.Recent UpdatesAs of now, the government has declared a national emergency in light of recent flooding. Over 33 million people have been affected by the floods making it around 15% of our population. The average rainfall has been more than usual in the month of August. The most affected part has been southern Pakistan, specifically Sindh which experienced the highest rate of rainfall this monsoon. The rate has been 8 times higher than usual.Around 30 districts in Sindh are currently under heavy flood. This flood is way heavier than what we experienced in 2010. According to the resources, there are many places where neither the helicopters nor the navy can reach to help those in dire need. This is high time for our nation to look out for each other and donate to reliable sources for the victims and help them as much as we can.How Can I Help?You can send help to get the victims evacuated and donate more and more items of use. Listed below are the ways to help the ones in need:Donating food that can be preserved like canned food, bread, etc. Avoid the food that can go bad or cannot be preserved to be in edible form.While donating clothes and other items, the most unnoticed item is sanitary pads for women and diapers for children. Kindly, donate as many as you can along with clothes and other related items including medications and first aid kits.When donating money, be very cautious of the scammers who may try to loot you by gaining sympathy. Only donate to reliable sources and avoid donating to the ones you may have a hunch about. Be careful  in general while donating anything but be extra cautious with where your money is headed. Today, Let’s Compare Online stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in need and be the voice of helpless citizens. We will be updating timely with everything and reaching out to as many people as we can. We will keep in touch and update you about the new progression in our plans for the victims. Till then take care and may Allah keep us all safe from any sudden unfortunate situation. 

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bike insurance in pakistan

Does Bike Insurance Offer The Same Perks As Car Insurance

Posted by Admin on 29 Aug 2022

Bikes and cars are the means of transportation that go hand in hand in our society. This is why it is important to have safe options in equal percentages for both types of transport. Although traveling on a bike is extremely convenient, the ride is twice as dangerous as a car because it does not have any protective cover for gear other than a helmet. Hence making insurance more important since it covers most of your medical care in case of an accident. Let’s Compare Online has updated its insurance policies to cater to the needs of all kinds of drivers and riders. Let’s look at bike insurance and if it fulfills the same perks as car insurance. How Do I Get Two-Wheeler Insurance?If you have already dealt with purchasing car insurance, the following tutorial might sound familiar to you. So, in order to purchase bike insurance, you need to visit our website and generate a quote for your bike. After that, compare your quotes and select the one you want. Once you have selected, you will get a call from us confirming a visit from the survey agent. Meanwhile, we will issue a cover note for you to show your agent. Then we will proceed to issue your policy. The survey agent is there to protect you and us from any misconceptions in the future. After the survey is done successfully, we will issue a policy in your name. Does It Come With The Same Benefits As Car Insurance? Car insurance comes with different types of policies to cater to the needs of all clients. Car insurance holds third-party liability cover, comprehensive cover, tracker, and 2T, 3T, and 5T cover. Just like car insurance, bike insurance also holds all of these policies. All in all, it comes with the same benefits as car insurance. Is NCB The SameTo top it all off, bike insurance also includes NCB. It is a No Claim Bonus, which means that responsible drivers get rewarded for their excellent behavior. This is true in the case of bike insurance as well! Riders who do not claim insurance for the tenure of one year, are rewarded some extra benefits and perks at the renewal of the policy.Medical AdvantagesWhen considering a bike as a ride, the rider is more likely to get hurt in an accident due to a lack of gear that can hold them. They are more likely to get tossed into the air and suffer a great deal of injury in a seemingly minor accident. Hence bike riders require medical assistance way more seriously than car riders. This is why their policies include medical treatments for injuries suffered in case of an accident.Let’s Compare is an online insurance comparison platform now offering extensive plans for fire, bike, and marine insurance along with health, travel, and car insurance. We try to be the voice of customers and address their concerns in any way possible. We are partners with over 10 trusted insurers across Pakistan. So what are you waiting for? Get insured now!

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Insurance brokerage

What Is The Coverage of Your Two-Wheeler Insurance Policy

Posted by Admin on 26 Aug 2022

There is a vast majority of our public that relies on a bike rather than a car. Many people use bikes as a means of transportation even if they own a car because traveling on a bike is way more cost-effective and convenient for day-to-day travel.For something used frequently, it only makes sense to make it as secure as we can. This is why Let’s Compare Online (Pvt) Ltd has added on to the already available insurance plans. We now deal in Bike Insurance to keep our clients safe on any transport they choose. Let’s take a look at the coverage options available for two-wheeler insurance. Own Damage CoverOwn damage is when your bike suffers damage in case of an accident. In this case, your insurer protects you from any financial loss and offers compensation for your repairs. This helps take the newfound stress off your shoulders so that you can rather focus on your own injuries and recovery. Third-Party CoverFor the third-party cover, you are offered to pay for the damage of another bike done by yours. Just like auto insurance, it offers the same coverage as well. This is the most basic cover one can have. It is also required by the law to protect law-abiding drivers from rowdy drivers. On the other hand, it also protects you in case it was not your fault but you got stuck in a bad situation. Hence providing you cover so you don’t have to pay out of pocket. Personal Accident CoverSometimes, when the circumstances are unfortunate you end up getting hurt as well as the result of an accident. This will leave you with another burden of paying for your medical bills, which can really break your back. To help you focus on your recovery, bike insurance also offers personal accidents cover in case of injury or disability faced due to the accident. No Claim BonusJust like car insurance, bike insurance also offers the NCB. This is to ensure that responsible citizens enjoy the benefits of their efforts. This encourages riders to ride with caution since they get a bonus and many other advantages if they don’t claim insurance for the time period of one year. Conclusion: Hence, in bike insurance, you will notice a lot of similarities to car insurance. from own damage cover to No Claim Bonus almost everything is the same with the same intent. All the insurance types aim to make you comfortable and focus more on your health than the repair of your damaged goods. They are all replaceable but you and your health are not. Let’s Comparer is an online insurance comparison platform. We try to be the voice of our clients and compensate them in any way possible. We take pride in great customer service. We are partners with reputed insurance companies across Pakistan delivering the best of the best services. We are unbiased in our suggestions. So what are you waiting for? Get insured now!Related Topics:Third-party liability coverageTypes of car insurance available in PakistanWhat is no claim bonus?

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Car Insurance in Pakistan

Does Car Insurance Cover Minor Defects

Posted by Admin on 24 Aug 2022

Sometimes your car may face some minor issues due to daily usage. These issues are bound to happen no matter how careful you are. These are to be taken care of with good maintenance. Insurance is there to protect you against any uncertainties.However, mechanical issues are not unexpected but instead expected and most of the time you have a known range to work them out or to schedule a visit to a mechanic.Let’s Compare Online (pvt) ltd is here to help you save money and time when getting insured. We ensure that our clients make an educated decision. We will not only look at the scenarios but also analyze in what scenarios it is viable to file a claim! Let’s look deeper into it. Is The Mechanical Problem Result Of An Accident?Here we are faced with two scenarios. First, in the absence of an accident, and second, in case of an accident. Let’s take a look at the first scenario. Scenario 1: Mechanical Issues In Absence Of AccidentIf there is a mechanical issue solely due to ill maintenance and not because of an accident, you cannot file a claim. This will not be covered by your car insurance policy. If you try to force a claim, it will fall under negligence hence making it impossible for you to file it again. Also, when you file a claim you are required to pay the deductible. The deductible is the amount you must pay out of pocket at the time of claim. Hence, it will add to the amount you have to pay for repairs, making it double. So you’re better off not filing a claim anyway and getting it repaired for the amount it already costs. Scenario 2: Mechanical Issues In Case Of AccidentIn another scenario, if the mechanical issues arise from an accident the car suffered, it is covered. Even if it initially went undetected, the policy will still cover the damages. Because this falls under accidental damage. Another thing to consider before filing a claim is to compare the cost of repairs out of pocket and the deductible. If the deductible is higher than the cost of repair, you are better off paying out of pocket. In another case where the deductible is lower than the repairs, you should file a claim. This small tip can ensure that you are able to save money and choose a wiser option.Let’s Compare is an online insurance comparison platform working to make deep connections with its clients and have a bond with them. We continuously strive to make access to insurance convenient for our clients.Conclusion:We are an online insurance comparison platform, serving auto, travel, and health insurance from reputed insurance companies across Pakistan. We serve in all the cities and clients can get insured from the comfort of their homes. We take great pride in excellent customer service and try to make the experience of our clients easy and comforting. Follow the link now to get insured!

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Health Insurance in Pakistan

Why You Need A Trusted Insurance Broker

Posted by Admin on 22 Aug 2022

With everything gone electronic, it is already way too convenient for anyone and what more could a person ask for? But imagine being in more comfort than the comfort itself? Imagine not having to look for your glasses because you cannot read the tiny markings on your CNIC. Imagine someone does it all for you and hands you your required documents. Well, we have insurance brokers for exactly that purpose! Let’s Compare is an insurance brokerage that provides you the comfort of that level. We only require your respective documents and here we will fill the form for you and get a policy issued in your name!However, all of the comforts come with some risks. To avoid these risks in the long run, you have to step out of your comfort zone for a while. Let’s take a look at how to find an insurance broker that you can trust. How To Trust An Agent?It seems good to have yourself do all the work because at the moment you have enough time to do it yourself and also handle other things. But if you are farsighted, you will rather utilize this time to look for a trusted insurance broker because in the future you might have other things, equally important, to do. Find an agent or a broker and ask them to generate quotes for you. Once they send in the quotes, double-check with the insurer they sent the quotes from. If they match up then great. Proceed like this for everything, the broker should not be charging you anything more than a premium. You don’t need to pay an advance and you don’t have to pay to receive a form. Once all of that is done and the agent does not ask for anything more than the premium, you have found yourself a trusted agent. How Is A Trusted Broker Going To Benefit Me?When you have found yourself a trusted broker, you are good to go since they will stick by you in your time of need. Another good way to test an agent is if they are checking up on you and getting back at you quickly because oftentimes brokers just forget about you unless it is time for the policy renewal. A trusted insurance broker will come in handy when you need to book last-minute flights and really need an insurance policy for travel. You might already have a lot on your plate with no time to spare to fill in the information or attend calls here and there but with a trusted broker you just need to send in your documents and leave the rest to them. You can do a whole lot of chores in those 15-30 minutes while your policy is being issued. You will be at peace knowing that the agent is not scamming you off of money and getting your job done perfectly. Let’s Compare is an online insurance broker aiming to make life easier for their clients and provide the best customer service. We give unbiased advice when asked, making us reliable. We are partners with trusted insurers across Pakistan. Follow the link to get insured now!

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Health Insurance in Pakistan

Risk Management And Insurance

Posted by Admin on 19 Aug 2022

Risk management is a vast topic. Once you grasp the topic it is relatively easy to manage it and will help you in the field of insurance greatly. Risk management involves taking steps to minimize or eradicate possible danger in the future. There are many ways to do so depending on the type of risk you are trying to avoid.Let’s Compare is once again here to voice their clients’ concern and answer their most awaited questions. Today we will see possible scenarios of risk and learn how to manage to postpone or totally avoid it. Let’s go!What Is Risk Management?As mentioned above risk management is an act of eradicating the risk of possible dangers in the future. These steps include getting insured, getting yourself tested, keeping your possessions in a good condition, and many other things. Let’s go through them one by one.How To Manage Health-Related RisksWhat would you do if you only had one car to use till the end of your life? You will take extra good care of it and protect it from every possible danger. You will keep yourself safe side while driving and abiding by the rules. So why not give the same care to your body?Your healthy body is the greatest wealth you have and it is an obligation to protect it mentally, physically, and emotionally. You can do so by taking the following steps:Meditation.Maintaining a healthy lifestyle.Keep yourself active.Avoiding unhealthy foods.Avoiding destructive conflict.Maintaining healthy boundaries.Getting health insurance. These are a few tips to help maintain a sound mind and a healthy body. How To Manage Auto-Related RisksExpenses related to cars can take a toll on your budget. Even a small scratch can cost you a lot of money and in return put your mental health at stake sometimes. Let’s look at how to prevent your car from any dangers in the future:Keep your vehicle clean and serve them like machines with feelings.Don’t ignore the small signs of damage.Don’t drive under influence.Abide by the traffic rules.Don’t road rage.Beware of your surroundings.Get your vehicle insured! How To Manage Travel-Related RisksTraveling is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many. Whether it is or not, one should always be able to make the best out of it. There are many things that can go wrong but with the right understanding and strategy, you can avoid most if not all of the risks. Some of them are listed below:Do your research for the place you’re visiting.Get insured.Get vaccinated.Beware of scams.Keep tabs on your luggage.Watch out for any possibility of natural disaster.Keep extra cash on yourself. Let’s Compare is an online insurance comparison and selling platform where customers get to compare and choose the policies they want to buy. We deal in health insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, and many more types of insurance. We take great pride in customer service and unbiased advice. Get insured and lead a happy and healthy life.