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Can I Use My Insured Car For Commercial Use

Posted by Admin on 20 Jan 2023

With a hike in inflation, it has become a norm for people to use their vehicles as a way of earning. Consumer needs to be safe while driving has pushed them to use services like Uber, Careem, and InDriver. These allow you to share your ride details along with the details of your rider, even allowing you an option to call the police on the spot in case of any inconvenience. And similar options are available for the driver in case the customer compromises their well-being. This makes the experience safe and pleasant for both the customer and the driver.

Now the question arises if you can use your insured vehicle for commercial use. Let’s take a look at if you can and why you can’t or how you can get covered for your vehicle when using it for commercial purposes!

What Is A Commercial Use Of Vehicle?

Commercial use requires you to get paid for offering your services. Say, you own a car and you use it for making some extra cash. This will fall under commercial use. Maybe you are giving pick-and-drop service on your way back from your work or when you go out to catch some fresh air and decide that it is a good time to pick up a ride or two and make some quick money. All of these are an example of commercial use of your vehicle.

However, if you randomly decide to give a friend or a stranger a ride where you don’t actually make any cash then that’s not commercial use. Commercial use requires you to use your vehicle deliberately in order to make money.

Can I Use My Insured Vehicle For Commercial Use?

This is a common question and misconception when it comes to having an insured car. It states on most policies that the insurance for your vehicle will not be implied if it is used for commercial use and is caught in an accident. 

So, you cannot use your regular vehicle insurance policy to cover it commercially. This is due to the increased risk. Commercial drivers are at a greater risk of running into an accident or being a part of a robbery. This is because they have a lot more interaction with public and general vehicles than regular cars. A regular use car may only be used to travel to and from work every day making circumstances a lot more familiar and you also have a choice to take the chosen route. However, in commercial use, you don’t have a lot of choices to make yourself safe. 

How Do I Get My Vehicle Insured Both Ways?

In order to get your vehicle insured for personal use and commercial use, you will need to buy a separate policy that may cover your vehicle commercially. Sometimes, some insurers offer additional cover for the drivers if they want to use their vehicle for commercial use. The premium is higher than the regular cover and provides added protection for hybrid use. You should always try to discuss this with your insurer beforehand and they will recommend you a bunch of different policies that either cover your car in one policy with a higher premium or you can purchase an additional policy. Either way, it will cost you almost the same whether you buy a single policy with added cover or two separate policies.

Good luck with having your car insured by hitting this link!

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Car Insurance in Pakistan

How To Register Your Commercial Vehicle For inDrive Freight

Posted by Admin on 17 Feb 2023

If you have a commercial vehicle in Pakistan, registering it with Indrive Freight is an excellent opportunity to boost your earning potential and extend your business opportunities. A digital platform called Indrive Freight links freight shippers and transporters, making it more straightforward for companies to send goods throughout the nation. You may read more about how to register your commercial vehicle with Indrive Freight in Pakistan in this post.Verify Your EligibilityYou must confirm that your commercial vehicle satisfies the requirements before registering it with Indrive Freight. Your vehicle must be in a freight category with a minimum towing capacity of 2 tons, be in good working order, and have all the necessary paperwork.Signup on the Indrive Freight websiteYou must visit Indrive Freight's website and register for an account before you can register your car. You can register to become a transporter by giving all the required information, including your name, phone number, and type of vehicle. Also, you must upload any required paperwork, such as your NTN certificate, CNIC, and vehicle registration certificate.Checking the AutomobileThe Indrive Freight team will inspect your vehicle to make sure it complies with its safety and quality standards after you have filed your registration application. You'll be informed and your account will be enabled if your car passes the inspection.Set up your profileFollowing the activation of your account, you must create a profile on the Indrive Freight website. You can include information about your company, like your prices, service locations, and the kinds of commodities you transport. In accordance with your timetable, you can also specify your availability and accept or reject proposals.Start receiving job offersYou can begin receiving work offers from shippers on the Indrive Freight platform as soon as your profile is created. Each job's specifics, including the pick-up and drop-off locations, the kind of products, and the payment, are available for viewing. If you accept a job offer, you will be provided with all the necessary information and documentation, such as the bill of lading and the payment receipt.Finish the Work and Get the PaymentOnce you've accepted a work offer, you must carry out the assignment in accordance with the conditions set forth. You must ensure that the goods are delivered promptly and safely and adhere to all traffic and safety laws. Indrive Freight will pay you after the job is finished, minus their commission.Conclusion:Increase your business opportunities and earning potential by registering your commercial vehicle with Indrive Freight. You can register your car with Indrive Freight in Pakistan by following the above instructions, and you can then start getting job offers from shippers all throughout the country. Keep in mind that you must maintain the safety and quality standards set by Indrive Freight to continue doing business with them, and always ensure that you follow all the safety regulations and traffic rules when transporting goods. If you have already made up your mind to register your vehicle on inDrive freight you absolutely must have commercial auto insurance. Depending on the insurer, the premium may be higher because it offers more comprehensive coverage than private auto insurance. This is because there is a greater chance of car damage or personal injury. Get insured now with Let's Compare.

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Travel Insurance in Pakistan

How To Buy Travel Insurance Plans For Consecutive Six Months

Posted by Admin on 01 Feb 2023

Guilt-free and stress-free travel is the aim of travel insurance companies for their clients. If you want to travel without any stress, then travel insurance is going to be your best friend. There are many travel insurance plans for all the clients' needs. You can get a travel insurance plan for a day and for a year. Let's take a look at Long stay travel insurance and other frequently asked questions about travel insurance.What Is Travel Insurance In Brief?Travel insurance is a contract for your safety while you travel. The safety offers financial protection against any damages you face. It covers a range of obstacles from flight cancellation to baggage loss and departure home in case of any emergency. There are travel insurance plans for a short stay and a long stay. Let’s take a look at it further.Travel Insurance For 6 Consecutive MonthsAny travel insurance that exceeds the six months mark is counted as an annual travel insurance policy. Annual travel insurance is the most extended travel insurance plan you can opt for, with yearly premium renewal. The longer the policy the higher the premium will be, making the premium for an annual policy higher than the rest. The premium also depends on the type of coverage you opt for. What Are Long Stay Travel Insurance Policies Used For?Long-stay travel insurance policies are often required for study visas, the students stay abroad for long periods of time, years at times. This requires constant safety for the whole time they are there. In this scenario, long-term travel insurance plays a major role in keeping you financially covered on your journey to success. Do I Need To Buy A Travel Insurance Policy Yearly?Travel insurance policies are valid for only a year and after that, they need to be renewed. So if you are planning to stay for three years, you will need to renew your policy three times during your stay. Don’t worry! You won’t have to keep tabs because, by the end of the year, your insurance company will hit you up themselves and let you know that it is time for you to renew. And if you can’t pay on the spot, they also have a grace period for over a month to renew your policy without losing the benefits from the previous one. What Is A Grace Period In Travel Insurance Plans?The grace period is the time between the renewal of your policy and the issuance of a new policy. This allows you to extend the period to pay the premium before the previous policy expires along with your added benefits. This is to make getting insured convenient and to make sure that the client does not lose their benefits from their previous insurance policy. This also develops a bond of trust between the insurer and the insured. The grace period lasts up to a month depending on your insurance company. In conclusion, long-stay travel insurance is best used for students studying in exchange programs or going abroad for higher studies and they need renewal every year. You don’t have to be anxious about the deadline because once it is getting closer the insurance company will contact you and remind you that you will need your policy renewed. So get your online travel insurance policy now from Let's Compare at discounted rates. Safe travel!