Bikes and cars are the means of transportation that go hand in hand in our society. This is why it is important to have safe options in equal percentages for both types of transport. Although traveling on a bike is extremely convenient, the ride is twice as dangerous as a car because it does not have any protective cover for gear other than a helmet. 

Hence making insurance more important since it covers most of your medical care in case of an accident. Let’s Compare Online has updated its insurance policies to cater to the needs of all kinds of drivers and riders. Let’s look at bike insurance and if it fulfills the same perks as car insurance. 

How Do I Get Two-Wheeler Insurance?

If you have already dealt with purchasing car insurance, the following tutorial might sound familiar to you. So, in order to purchase bike insurance, you need to visit our website and generate a quote for your bike. After that, compare your quotes and select the one you want. Once you have selected, you will get a call from us confirming a visit from the survey agent. Meanwhile, we will issue a cover note for you to show your agent. 

Then we will proceed to issue your policy. The survey agent is there to protect you and us from any misconceptions in the future. After the survey is done successfully, we will issue a policy in your name. 

Does It Come With The Same Benefits As Car Insurance? 

Car insurance comes with different types of policies to cater to the needs of all clients. Car insurance holds third-party liability cover, comprehensive cover, tracker, and 2T, 3T, and 5T cover. Just like car insurance, bike insurance also holds all of these policies. All in all, it comes with the same benefits as car insurance. 

Is NCB The Same

To top it all off, bike insurance also includes NCB. It is a No Claim Bonus, which means that responsible drivers get rewarded for their excellent behavior. This is true in the case of bike insurance as well! Riders who do not claim insurance for the tenure of one year, are rewarded some extra benefits and perks at the renewal of the policy.

Medical Advantages

When considering a bike as a ride, the rider is more likely to get hurt in an accident due to a lack of gear that can hold them. They are more likely to get tossed into the air and suffer a great deal of injury in a seemingly minor accident. Hence bike riders require medical assistance way more seriously than car riders. This is why their policies include medical treatments for injuries suffered in case of an accident.

Let’s Compare is an online insurance comparison platform now offering extensive plans for fire, bike, and marine insurance along with health, travel, and car insurance. We try to be the voice of customers and address their concerns in any way possible. We are partners with over 10 trusted insurers across Pakistan. So what are you waiting for? Get insured now!