According to a survey, around 75% of the drivers in Pakistan drive uninsured which is quite alarming considering the number of cars on the road. Having insurance is not only about your financial safety but it also encourages you and others around you to drive responsibly. There are many reasons why drivers don’t buy car insurance in Pakistan but none of them are justified. Although no one can force you to make a decision, there are some decisions one needs to take consciously in order to practice the safety of themselves and others. 

Some reasons might be that they cannot afford it which is understandable because buying a car is a huge investment in itself and then maintenance takes a lot too. Other times it is the fact that when people are young they do not foresee the bad situations they can get into.  Many other reasons keep us from getting insurance but getting insurance takes much of the stress off your head. Let’s take a look at why you should get insurance and what are the drawbacks of not getting one in Pakistan. 

Car Damage Repairs Can Be Heavy On Pocket

Car insurance is a financial cover for you when you get into any unfortunate event like an accident. Car repairs can be straining your finances and this is the reason why you need car insurance. 

It Comes With Basic Healthcare

Besides health insurance, almost all the insurance policies cover some extent of healthcare as well. So when you get into an accident and suffer any injuries you do not have to pay for your healthcare because car insurance also covers basic health care. This means that not only can you save your assets on repairs but you can also save them on your health since healthcare is sometimes too expensive as well depending on the treatment you need. 

You Definitely Need Financial Cover In Case Of Car Theft

Unfortunately, car theft is a common issue in Pakistan. Since a car is a big investment, losing it all of a sudden can be a huge blow. In this scenario, having car insurance pakistan can actually be helpful and supportive. It can pay off the market value or insured value of your vehicle and can also cover the gap if you apply for it. 

Legal Proceedings Can Be Covered

If you get into an accident there is a possibility that you might have to face legal consequences. In that situation having the right type of coverage can help pay some amount of legal proceedings. 

Insurance Companies Can Also Help In Towing

There might be a possibility that your car is totaled and it is not in a condition to be moved and you need an extra hand. In this case, car insurance comes in handy since you can use their towing services to transport your car to the repair site. 

Third-Party Insurance

According to a law in Pakistan, drivers are required to have third-party cover. This is to ensure the safety and cover for the third party involved in the accident and for you. Not having this insurance can lead to fines or imprisonment so it is important to get car insurance as soon as you can. 

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