With the ever-growing popularity of electric cars, the demand for insurance for such cars has also increased. As of now, all-electric vehicles are exported and they do not outnumber conventional vehicles. But the demand for electric car insurance remains the same. 

Today we will look at all the aspects of electric car insurance. Is it available in Pakistan? How much does it cost to answer many other questions that may arise in our client’s mind? Let’s take a look at all of the concerns. 

Is EV Insurance Available In Pakistan?

Since electric vehicles are imported, it is natural to wonder if the insurance companies hold the authority to issue policies. In Pakistan, many people are going for electric vehicles now, so considering this the insurers have come up with the decision to issue an insurance policy for electric vehicles.

As a general rule of thumb, if the vehicle is within the vicinity of Pakistan. You can even get car insurance for your car in Pakistan while sitting abroad or traveling. Likewise, if your electric vehicle is in Pakistan then you can get insurance for it. And in the same manner, if your vehicle is on the way here and you get it insured, your policy is valid when your vehicle arrives.

How Much Does EV Insurance Cost?

Considering the fact that electric vehicles are imported, it is given that the parts must also be imported in case of any damage. So considering this, the premium for electric vehicles in Pakistan is much higher than that of conventional cars. Also, with all the price hikes there is a significant increase in the prices of vehicles and their spare parts. 

Why Does EV Insurance Cost More?

Insurers take data from the clients that have previously claimed vehicles of the same type and collect data on how much it costs them. This is the scale to determine the price of any insurance premium for any vehicle. Considering the fact that the parts need to be exported in case of damage and they are going to be pricier then it is fair for the premium to be higher than conventional car insurance as well.

How To Get Electronic Vehicle Insurance?

It is simple! Because you might as well have been doing that all along. It is no different than conventional insurance. Just go to our website letscompare.pk and get insured in 3 easy steps. The only thing to keep in mind is that the premium will be higher than the conventional car insurance because of the reasons mentioned before. Other than that, the rest of the procedure is the same. You visit our website, go to car insurance followed by the details of your car and get quotes. You can now get the quotes from different insurers and pick the one that falls within your budget. 

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