In some cases, Muslims like to opt for takaful insurance in Pakistan rather than conventional insurance. Because it complies with Islamic laws, Muslims find it more authentic and appropriate since it is stripped of gambling, interest, and risky investment.

What Is Takaful?

Takaful insurance policies are an alternative to conventional insurance. Takaful insurance in Pakistan complies with shariah. It eradicates gharrar, maysir, and riba. It is a community-pooling system. Everyone contributes to the system, and that money is used to help them and anyone in need of financial assistance. It is an Islamic system designed to reduce the severity of any crisis a person might face. 

You might be wondering what happens to the remaining funds? That fund is distributed among the participants after making possible future claims. Those funds belong to the participants, not the operator. 

Takaful Plans

Takaful insurance policies and conventional insurance policies are alike. It includes plans like term life takaful, whole life takaful, endowment takaful, universal takaful, marriage plan, and education plan. It covers damage or loss to physical properties or resources. It also includes property takaful, marine takaful, motor takaful, and miscellaneous general takaful. 

Health Takaful Benefits

Health takaful provides many benefits to the participants. The benefits include hospital care, major medical care, and outpatient care. The best family Takaful insurance in Pakistan provides the following benefits:

Hospitalization Care

Hospital care includes the following:

  1. Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization, including diagnostic tests, medication, lab tests.
  2. Outpatient benefits.

Major Medical Care

  1. Major medical care includes:
  2. Enhanced limit of hospital care
  3. Cover for costly medical treatments
  4. Cover for major surgeries
  5. Prolonged hospitalization benefits


Maternity Care

Maternity care includes:

  1. Medical expenses during childbirth are covered
  2. C-Section covers
  3. Expenses for D&C and D&E procedures are covered


Outpatient Care

Outpatient benefits include treatments that do not require an overnight stay, like cough fever.


How To Apply For Best Takaful Health Insurance In Pakistan

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