Travel insurance is an umbrella to protect you while you are on your trip. It does not only protect you financially but also in case of a medical emergency. Sometimes our hometown services are not enough to cover us when we leave our homes. This is why travel insurance is designed in a way to compensate for the health insurance you have in your country. 

Your health insurance will only cover you when you are in your hometown but while traveling you will need to get travel insurance. Travel insurance Pakistan provides many health benefits. Not only that but due to an ongoing pandemic the insurance companies are also offering Covid Cover for an affordable premium through the wide panel of hospitals. Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits provided by a travel insurance policy. 

Personal Accidents

A personal accident covers costs emerging from unexpected events during trips including medical expenses and compensation in the case of an injury. It also covers baggage loss or flight delays. 

Medical expenses

One of the major advantages of travel insurance is that your current healthcare provider will not cover for you to travel back in case of a medical emergency. Hence, buying a travel insurance policy is important because your medical expenses will be taken care of and if needed you will be evacuated and repatriated back to your country.

Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dental care in travel insurance reimburses the cost of emergency procedures like infection, loss of filling, or a broken tooth. It reimburses the cost of emergency dental procedures that require treatment by a dentist. 

Hospitalization Benefit

It covers the cost of procedures required to treat an illness or injury. This includes ambulance services, physician fees, and hospital fees. Medical emergencies can be heavy on your pocket and especially when you are traveling the last thing you want to be worried about should be having enough resources to keep yourself healthy. 

There are many other benefits to having travel insurance. These benefits include the delivery of medicines and medical information services. The travel insurance company will provide you with a hotline you can contact in case of any medical emergency. This will help you stay covered overseas. 

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