With each passing day more and more people want to get travel insurance. This is the wise choice one makes when planning a trip because not only will it keep you covered but you will have a good time without the worry of getting caught in an unfortunate situation and having nothing left in your hand. 

Before getting travel insurance Pakistan you might wonder how much does it cost to get one? This depends on a few factors, these factors decide the cost of your insurance. These are the factors that are considered while generating quotes:

  1. Countries you’re traveling to
  2. Are you traveling individually or with family? 
  3. Start date of your trip and end date of your trip
  4. Date of birth

Now let’s take a look at the reasons why we need you to provide us with this information. This information helps us generate the best quotes with maximum cover. The country you are traveling to will decide the panel of hospitals. Different countries have different covers according to the area’s requirements. Each company will also have its own amount fixed for a specific cover. 


The individual and family plan will dictate the best possible cover for you and your family under one policy and an individual cover will revolve around one person. Other than that the start of the trip date and end of the trip date will determine the number of days you will be traveling for. The number of days will determine the necessary coverage for the said number of days. 

Your age will have a significant impact on the premium. Usually, it is higher for senior clients and lowers for young clients. So your age makes a significant difference in your policy and your premium. 

With all this information we are now ready to generate the best-suited quotes for your travel. After the quotes are generated you can now compare and buy the one that falls into your budget and fulfills all your needs. Basically, all of these factors determine the cost of your travel insurance and there isn't a set scale to determine how much will the travel insurance policy cost, but it is guaranteed that the cheapest will be in your budget and you will be easily able to afford it. They mostly start at around 3,000 PKR.

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