When looking for car insurance, there are many insurance options to choose from. From comprehensive ranging from 2T,3T to 5T and then Third-Party Liability. So what’s the buzz around Third-Party Liability and why is it so confusing to grasp?

The simple answer is that it's not as confusing! Let’s Compare Online has always been up to date with the client’s concerns and try to answer as many mind-boggling questions as they can. So to answer this question, let’s first look at what it offers.

When Is Third-Party Liability Cover Applicable?

Third-Party Liability cover is only applicable in the case of an accident caused by you. This means that if you are not responsible for the accident then you cannot claim your third-party liability policy but the other driver that caused the accident should claim their policy in order to pay for the damages done to your car. It is more like a light slap on the wrist rather than full compensation for the careless driver.

Since it works this way, you can also ask for the insurer’s information about the person who caused the accident and ask them to claim their policy so that you can pay for the damages. 

How Does It Help Me?

As the driver who caused an accident, this policy will let you save a lot. Since the other driver will ask you to pay for damages, which can set you back for months or even years, third-party liability will have your back in paying the amount since you don’t need to pay it out of pocket.

Will It Cover Me For Damages To My Car?

Unfortunately, third-party liability will not help you pay for the damages caused to your own car. It will only cover you financially to pay for the damages to the car you caused damage to and for your injuries you will need to cover them yourself and out of pocket. 

Why Get Third-Party Liability Insurance Then?

You don’t have to! Yes, despite popular belief you don’t have to get third-party liability insurance. It is only necessary by law to “at least” have third-party liability insurance. Having a cover necessary by law does not mean that it is the best one out there. It is only required to encourage all drivers to encourage safe driving habits.

People often get confused with comprehensive due to the reason that the government tells you to have this insurance. Still, it is not a full cover and it benefits you slightly and is more beneficial for other drivers. 

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