Insuring your health is the best decision one can ever make. The asset that is the most important and takes most of your investment is yours and the health of your loved ones. No matter how much you maintain yourself you will someday end up needing some extra money to spend on something unanticipated.

Health insurance, if issued at the right time, will help you a lot in your life! The younger you will get the more conditions it will cover in case you develop some during the tenure because most policies don’t cover pre-existing conditions.

Now let’s take a look at how to claim a health insurance policy in Pakistan and under what conditions can you save more money.

How Do I Claim My Insurance?

Claiming an insurance policy is simple! It is just like claiming any other policy. Call your insurer and let them know that you need to claim the policy. They will ask you for your policy number, which should be on the very top or it should be one of the first pieces of information on the policy. You can also ask the insurer to find it quicker.

Is It Worth It To Claim Health Insurance?

If you want a simple and quick answer, then it is always worth it to claim insurance whenever you need it. But there are many things to consider before claiming health insurance. First being, is the amount huge or small enough for you to pay out of pocket conveniently and without setting you back? If it is small enough then it is fine to pay out of pocket.

If you encounter a disease that requires multiple testing and countless ER visits, then you better get your policy claimed. Because testing and visitation require a lot of money and it will drain you off a lot. 

What If There’s No Testing Required?

Most of the assets go into testing which requires a lot of blood testing and other physical examination. This is why it is advised to claim an insurance policy when tests are required. Otherwise, if the tests are not an issue then go ahead and pay it out of pocket. 

Bonus Tip

For women, when getting health insurance in Pakistan, make sure you do so before getting married or conceiving so that you can have extensive cover for yourself and your child and pay off the debt easily. The insurance policy is not viable if you are already pregnant and then you purchase the policy. It falls under pre-existing conditions and this is why it is advised to get yourself insured as young as you can so your policy covers all the upcoming conditions.

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