While you are on travel there are many times when you were never prepared for what's next to come. Nowadays, people often travel with tour guides and pay in advance. Still sometimes under the wrong circumstances things can go downhill and you might need to be prepared in advance. 

Some of the instances might be your vehicle breaking down, electricity outage, losing essentials, and so many other things. Let’s Compare is here to tell you all about the expected expenses of a trip.

Tipping Trends

One should be aware of tipping trends of the destination they are traveling to. Every place has a different trend when it comes to tipping and so it is important to keep some extra cash in order to pay an appropriate amount. Other than that daily essentials might be a little pricier than they usually are due to added transport and other charges. So always keep cash with you keeping in mind all these circumstances.


When you are traveling to a place, especially with a group it is very common for at least one person to run into an accident. That may require immediate medical attention otherwise their condition might worsen. Let’s say they got a big cut that can be treated with bandages but you didn’t pack any. This cut could cause a serious infection if left untreated. And in any case, you should have travel insurance or a health insurance policy to cover if the injury is critical.

Educating On Surroundings

Before you leave for the trip, make sure you have done your research not only from the navigation viewpoint but also from the wildlife and especially bugs' viewpoint. We are accustomed to regular mosquitoes and occasional frogs but when you are traveling it is common to come across a giant version of these bugs and they can cause a serious panic attack. Not only that, they might even be poisonous. So always keep appropriate antidotes in case you get stung by any poisonous insect.

Beware Of The Wildlife

When going hiking, beware of the wildlife. Always hike with a local or with a tour guide. They usually keep guns and appropriate weapons in case of animal encounters. Forests and thickly packed trees are a good spot for ambush hunters so you might come across a jaguar or panther. They mostly don’t bother to disturb and just scurry away when they encounter humans but they too consider their lives valuable, so if you are in the way of their safety they might end up attacking you. 

Get Insurance Policy First Thing Before Trip

Before you plan on going on a trip, it is highly recommended that you get insured in case of an emergency. Whether you fall sick or twist your ankle, you should get yourself covered and travel as soon as you can to the nearest hospital in case of an injury. Being in a forest with an open wound is extremely dangerous. It can quickly get infected and escalate to serious health problems. You can get insured through Let’s Compare Online in 3 easy steps.

Let’s Compare is an online insurance comparison platform where you can compare and buy insurance plans from reputed companies across Pakistan. You can buy insurance in 3 easy steps. We take great pride in serving our clients with the best products that suit their needs. So get insured for your upcoming trip!