If you own a vehicle, it is compulsory for you, in many countries, to get car insurance. The reason being insurance aids in covering many, if not all, expenses that may occur due to an unfortunate event. Hence why insurance companies have made it convenient to buy one. You can purchase car insurance online or through an agent. So do some research before getting the best insurance. It will help you buy an effective car insurance plan that fits your needs.

Gather Information

Before you buy a car insurance policy for your vehicle, make sure to gather the following information.

  1. Get personal information of the drivers like the name, address, and age of every driver on the insurance policy.
  2. Ask for driver's license information. Do this for every driver on the policy.
  3. Get all the related information about the car like make, model, vehicle identification number, safety features, odometer reading, and annual mileage.
  4. History of all drivers. It includes tickets, accidents, or any other violations.
  5. Your current insurer and coverage limit if you have one.

Determine Your Coverage Needs

When comparing the car insurance policy, make sure you know all the coverage needs and requirements. Every country has its laws for car insurance and how much coverage it requires. The best car insurance companies in Pakistan cover the following aspects.


Bodily Injury And Property Damage Liability

This car insurance policy covers the cost of injuries to others, property damage, and death that you caused.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage

It provides coverage when an uninsured or underinsured motorist hits you. In case of an underinsured driver, their car insurance will not pay for your medical bills resulting from an accident. 

Collision Coverage

It covers any damage caused by an accident, regardless of who is responsible.

Comprehensive Coverage

It covers you against “own damages” and “third-party liabilities.” It also covers the damage occurring that you are not directly responsible for. For example, it covers hail storms or other weather conditions, vandalism, strikes, riots, and theft. The best car insurance company in Pakistan will cover all these damages.

Medical Payments Coverage

It covers most of the medical expenses for you and your passengers while driving. Some countries make it obligatory to have this car insurance policy. 

Personal Injury Protection

It covers medical wages, child care, loss of income, funerals, and other losses that occur due to accidents.

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Car Insurance From Let's Compare

You do not need to seek out agents and dealers. Instead, you can visit our website “Let’s Compare” and compare the car insurance policies yourself in the comfort of your own home. Or you can talk to the representative. He can do all the work for you after giving you all the necessary information.

 While everything is online, you might need assistance. In that case, our agent can help you choose the right plan.

Compare Companies

We recommend you get quotes; from at least three different companies for a better comparison. For an easy comparison, you can visit Let’s Compare, where you get all the quotes from ten best car insurance companies in Pakistan. 

Even though you might want to purchase the cheapest option, it is still worth it to take time to read the terms and conditions and all the policies in depth. We also recommend checking the customer reviews about the company. In case of any complaints or filed reports, you might decide that it is better to pay more for a better plan from a better company. 

Buy Your New Policy

When you decide to change your car, make sure to have a new car insurance policy before you plan to drive it out of the lot.  So reach out to your old insurance company to cancel the old policy before renewing. To avoid the car insurance lapse, set the cancellation date of your old car insurance policy after starting your new policy. Then, you should be able to receive a refund on your old policy without any cancellation fee. 

You can visit our website, and get a car insurance comparison online and quotes from 10 leading insurance companies for an elaborate and trusted comparison. We will help you devise the best possible plan and connect you to the policy that best suits your needs.