Oftentimes, we need to return the policy due to many circumstances. Different insurers have different policies for refunds. Different insurance types are refunded for different reasons hence having different policies of refund. Let's look at how it works and if you can get the refund then how you should proceed.

How To Get  Refund On Travel Insurance?

In the case of travel insurance, the policy can only be revoked if the VISA is rejected by the embassy. In such a case the applicant will be required to provide the insurer with a VISA rejection letter and insurance policy. After that, we will proceed to get your policy canceled and refund you. 

How To Get A Refund On Health Insurance

Health Insurance Pakistan can be revoked if the insurer offers a free-look period. The free-look period gives you an opportunity to cancel your policy without any penalty. Hence, during the free look period, you can revoke your policy and demand for refund.

Health insurance in Pakistan is refunded on a pro-rata basis. Meaning that the client purchased an annual policy and demands a refund after 3 months into the policy. The policy will be refunded for the rest of the 9 months while the charges for three months will not be refunded. Keep in mind that there should be no claim in process.

How To Get A Refund On Car Insurance

For car insurance in Pakistan, the client needs to submit a written application to cancel the policy and demand a refund. There are a few conditions under which the policy can be canceled and refunded. First and foremost, there should not be any claim in-process. Second, it depends from insurer to insurer how much percentage can be returned. Some insurers may deduct the admin fee and taxes. Third, the insurance must be called off within 6 months.


In all these conditions, for all these policies it depends on the insurer how long they take to refund the policy. It can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week. Upon return from the insurer, we will proceed likewise.

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