Have you been traveling more than twice each year? Have you been purchasing separate travel insurance plans for each one? You can have a single plan to cover all of your trips and today we will see how?

Let’s Compare has always been unbiased and honest in its advice when it comes to customer service. We have compiled a complete guide on how and why it is better to have a single travel plan for a year rather than having three or more travel plans. Let’s take a look.

How Many Trips Are You Making In A Year?

First, you need to see how many trips you will be making that year. If you are making 3 or more trips then you should consider buying an annual travel insurance policy since that will be more feasible than buying a separate plan for each trip.

This is because three plans separately will cost you more than one plan annually and it will also save your efforts of sending documents again and again and storing a new policy document each time on your devices thus, avoiding confusion.

What If The Locations Are Too Far From Each Other?

What if the places you want to visit are too far from each other and you’re not sure if your insurer will be able to put them in. worry not, because no matter even if the locations are across the globe, your insurer can surely put them down and you will be able to use the same insurance policy for each one of them throughout the year. 

Is There Any Difference On The Premium?

Whether you go to a single country for the rest of the year or go to multiple countries within a year on a single travel insurance policy, your premium will remain the same because after all, all the other factors remain the same! So you don’t have to worry about the premium being any different than a conventional travel insurance policy.


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