Travel insurance is a simple document ensuring your safety when you are on the go. It does not provide you with any authority similar to an adult. Everyone is hustling to make their lives and journey as safe as they can hence, making them get the travel insurance from Pakistan that protects them against anything that comes across while traveling. 

Let’s Compare always takes customers’ concerns into consideration and tries to answer the questions that they may have. Keeping this in mind, we have decided to shed some light on the topic of getting travel health insurance for minors. Let’s take a look at some questions!

Is It Legal For Under 18 To Get Insurance?

Generally, it is recommended that you start investing in insurance as soon as possible in your life. This means starting as young as you can, which can be even 12! The earlier you start investing the more you save up!

As for travel insurance Pakistan, it is totally legal for minors to get insured! And why? Because travel policy provides cover in case of a medical emergency, loss of luggage, and delayed flight. Not only that, but it also covers the travelers for the damages they are most vulnerable to like kidnapping, natural disasters, etc. these instances can happen to anyone, anytime, and anywhere whether it be a child or an adult so getting insured is a must for both.

How Can A Minor Get Insured?

One thing is for sure a minor can get insured! But it might give rise to the question HOW? Because minors don’t have a CNIC, but they do have a national security number assigned to them and that’s all we need to issue a policy. 

Many minors get a policy for study purposes and we use their Form-B as identification cards and take their citizen number to fill in the policy.

Is The Insurance Of A Minor Dependent On A Guardian?

Since minors in our society are seen as dependent on parents because mostly they don’t have jobs or savings, this question may bug you! This is subjective to each individual. In the case of travel insurance, there is no hard and fast rule that states that a minor cannot fund their own insurance.

The insurance companies only need proof of payment, most of the time they don’t even bat an eye if the name of the insurer and the one making the payment is the same as long as they are informed that the payment is made for the same person. So, if a minor has enough savings to fund their own travel insurance, they are welcome to do that and vice versa.

Although, if as a parent you would like to aid it feel free to do so!

How Concerned Should A Parent Be If A Child Gets Insured By Themselves?

As a parent, there are many concerns in one’s life when it comes to your child. Every parent wants their child to trust them with big decisions in their life. Hence, this is a very valid question that might be stressing you out!

Getting insurance is certainly a smart move since it provides cover to the insured. So, your child is safe in that regard! However, you should be rightfully concerned if your child gets a ticket to a country without informing you. In our previous articles, we have discussed the dangers of traveling and how prone are travelers to violent crimes. 

It is advised to both parents and children to find a middle ground and confide in each other to ensure a safe journey! Both parties, in such cases, should be informed about each other’s whereabouts in case of any emergency. This helps us with providing timely aid and saves a lot of trouble.

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