Health insurance is a contract between the client and the company. It requires the client to pay some or all of their healthcare cost to purchase a premium. For example, this type of insurance pays for medical expenses and surgical or prescription drugs. Some insurance policies also cover dental expenses.

Health insurance is a protection plan against any unfortunate sickness. It helps you stay covered in case of an unanticipated illness. However, health care can be expensive, and it can be an enormous financial burden.

There are many means you can purchase a health insurance plan. Many insurance companies provide health insurance plans, namely, I.G.I., Jubilee, Adamjee, and many more. You can visit our website, “Let’s Compare,” and fill out a simple form. We do all the work, so you do not have to. Let’s look at some of the companies’ “Let’s Compare” partners with.

Jubilee Health Insurance

Since health insurance can be expensive, Jubilee Health Insurance provides affordable healthcare. So you don’t have to worry about finances in the future. In addition, they come with a Cancer Protection Plan. Not only is cancer hard on your body and family, but it also drains you of your financial assets. Jubilee’s Cancer Protection Plan ensures you do not have to worry about finances when you and your loved ones are going through a traumatic period. 

Another plan provided is Jubilee Health Shield, which assists you and your family with financial aid and support in case of a medical emergency. This plan also provides many additional built-in benefits.

Askari Health Insurance

Askari healthcare plan offers ASKHealth Plan. It is a comprehensive healthcare package. It aids in financial protection in case of illness or accident that leads to hospitalization. ASKHealth plan is specially customized for Askari Bank’s customers. It is an economical health plan.

ASKHealth plan offers coverage in case of in-patient hospitalization, daycare treatment, emergency accidental out-patient treatment, specialized investigation, pre-Hospitalization benefit, and miscellaneous expenses.

They also offer A.S.H.A for children and their education. They have a customized health insurance plan for their employees. The program is called Askari Group Health. They also have a family health plan named Ask Family that provides healthcare benefits to employees and dependent family members. The Ask Care plan focuses on your recovery. It ensures that you don’t worry about medical expenses in case of any chronic illness.

I.G.I. General Health Insurance

Health Sure offers a planned care solution to clients and organizations to provide healthcare needs sponsored by professional staff, financial strength, and insurance experience accumulated over fifty years.

Health Sure covers personal health, hospitalization covers, and maternity covers. Additionally, the product covers pre and post-hospitalization expenses as well. Their coverages extend to working employees and their dependent spouses and children. They have a broad spectrum of hospitals on their panel, which enables their clients to receive medical care services wherever necessary. Each insured employee has to complete a health questionnaire form that provides general information to devise a customized policy to cater to their needs.

Allianz E.F.U. Health Insurance Ltd.

Trained professionals lead Allianz E.F.U. with extensive experience in insurance, so their Tahaffuz program offers a patient hospitalization policy for individuals and families. It is a simple, valuable, and budget-friendly health insurance plan. It provides financial cover up to the selected premium you pay for. In addition, it helps keep you covered in case of any illness or accident. The additional features include a 24-Hour Medical Hotline, Customer Service/Call Center, and Health Card. They also have a No Claim Bonus policy, which means if you claim no insurance that year, you get a bonus.


State Life Insurance

State Life Health Insurance has developed a Social Health Protection (S.H.P.) plan in collaboration with the Pakistan government. It provides social and micro health insurance schemes for the most worthy of medical attention. It includes the elderly and children. It provides daycare surgeries and maternity benefits to the enrolled families up to Rs. 25,000 per person. Pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization benefits are also included in this plan. They have no age limit for pre-existing conditions. Medical and Newborn coverage includes treatment taken in hospitals on panel. Social Health Protection also covers it. 

U.I.C. Health Insurance

Their health insurance plan caters to families who do not have any medical support in times of disease and accidents. Family Health Secure gives you choice and care along with health insurance plans designated for individuals who wish to provide financial protection to themselves and their families that depend on them. Since medical expenses can skyrocket, their health insurance plan protects you against those heavy expenses. In addition, their packages cover treatment through its panel of hospitals to ensure that you and your family have immediate and easy access to all the medical services wherever you want. 

Adamjee Health Insurance

Adamjee Insurance Company is one of the leading insurance companies in Pakistan. They take pride in catering to the health and medical needs of the corporate and S.M.E. sectors for their employees with customized benefits structures and value-added services. They provide:

  1. Hospitalization benefits
  2. Significant medical benefits (optional)
  3. Maternity coverage (optional)
  4. Out-patient coverage (optional)

Other than that, they also provide terrorism cover, which ensures that the client is covered under any incident of terrorism. The international cover subjects to additional terms. In Complementary Accidental Coverage, the coverage limits may vary under any circumstances. 

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