Traveling is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many and if something goes wrong it can set you back and ruin all your plans for the trip. Hence travel insurance acts as a financial aid given if something is to go wrong. 

You have taken all the necessary cautions including getting travel insurance to be on the safe side. We highly recommend getting travel insurance because that protects you from any unexpected financial loss. If you face such a situation where you instantly need compensation, like losing your luggage or misplacing your luggage you should instantly let your insurer know about it so that they can proceed. 

Now there are many aspects to claiming travel insurance as well. There are things that you need to consider before claiming your insurance because you may want to save it for later rather than claiming it right now. 

Should I Ask For Claim Instantly Upon Misplacing My Luggage?

The simple answer is yes, you should! But there is a worst-case scenario where you might lose your luggage and it cannot be replaced. First, consider your options. Do you really need to replace it because you need those things instantly?

 Like if you have clothes or undergarments in the luggage you misplaced you might need them instantly but let’s say you have your beauty products, creams, and other accessories in that luggage. You may not need it instantly because you could go well for a while or your partner may have their products and they are willing to share.

But you should inform your insurer nonetheless so they can get things working fast.

If I Fall Sick, Should I Get A Claim?

You must have some savings with yourself for instant coverage but you should always let your insurer know and ask them for a claim because medical bills can break your back. Your insurance has adequate coverage for almost all the medical issues you may run into. So rather than wasting time you should instantly call your insurer and claim your policy especially if you need a longer period of treatment followed by outpatient visits. 

What If I Can Take Care Of My Medical Bills Myself?

As a general rule of thumb, you must keep an adequate amount on yourself to support yourself in case you fall sick or suffer an accident when abroad without having to rely on insurance. If you think you can support yourself, then more power will be given to you! Go ahead, but we still recommend you to rather spend that amount on making nice memories rather than spending it on your health when you already have a cover. Yes, if there’s a delay from your insurer or some other issue you cannot be reimbursed instantly, feel free to use your money.

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