When investing in properties that hold a large value it is important for both parties to stay on the safe side. This is why surveys are a common practice in the insurance industry. Surveys benefit both the insurer and insured in the long run. They play an important role in the time of claim to ensure no foul play is involved. 

Let’s Compare Online is addressing an important concern that is often either overlooked or raises a few questions. So we are here with another informative topic to educate our clients and followers. Let’s take a look at important aspects of a survey and how it is beneficial to the insured and insurer.

How To Arrange A Survey

The first step to getting car insurance Pakistan is to choose the company that you want to go for based on the comparison provided by our representative. After you have decided on the insurer, we will arrange a survey for you. The survey will be conducted on the date provided by the insurer and from this point on we will become a bridge between you and the insurer. 

After arranging the survey we will be following you and the insurer to make sure that a survey takes place as it is the essential part of getting auto insurance. 

What Is The Role Of The Surveyor?

The surveyor plays an integral part in the issuance of your car insurance policy letter. The surveyor will conduct a survey of your car and give a green signal to the company to issue the policy. Only then will we be able to issue the insurance policy for your car.

The surveyor comprehensively assesses the car for any major damages and maintains neutrality between the insured and the insurer. He examines and investigates the car for any possible damages and then submits a report to the company further ensuring the issuance.

What’s To Expect After The Survey?

After the surveyor has examined your car, he can now send a report to the company ensuring them no foul play. Once the report has been sent, you can now expect the policy at any time. The company will follow up to tell you that your policy is in process.

If you don’t get approved by the surveyor, your policy will not be issued, unfortunately. There can be many reasons why your surveyor disapproves. It may involve your driving history or the current condition of your car. 

For starters, it is great to have a clean record without any misconduct and involvement in accidents or getting receipts. Other than that if you have a car that has a considerable mileage, it can also affect the insurance company’s decision.

Here is everything you need to know about the process of a survey and as per our client’s requests and queries, we have tried to answer all the possible questions. For further concerns, comment on your questions and we will look into them!

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