Life is hectic and keeping an eye on everything you own at all times is simply impossible. There is always a chance that you will do every possible thing to protect your possessions but something bad can always happen to them. 

Seems like there is always some extent of neglect involved in every loss. This is true but the neglect is further categorized into intentional or unintentional neglect. So how do you prove your innocence when you suffer a loss? It is given that when you suffer any damages and file a claim there is a lot of research that goes into examining the situation. Let’s take a look at how to prove it when you are not at direct fault before filing a claim for your car insurance in Pakistan.

When Do I File The Claim?

With the aspect of neglect in mind, you might feel conflicted about filing a claim. Let’s say you get into an unfortunate situation with your car, perhaps a collision. At the time of the event involve the authorities as soon as you can and collect evidence without contaminating the scene. 

This will later help you claim that you are innocent and things were not in your control even though you did everything in your power to drive responsibly. This is not necessarily to hold the other party responsible but to prove your side of innocence. Maybe, it was no one’s fault and your vehicle malfunctioned in some way which resulted in an accident. 

What Happens When I File The Claim?

When you file a claim, an investigative team will then work with you in collecting all the proofs and information. They will visit the site of the incident and may even collect your past records. This will especially favor you when you are in a situation like this. If you have a clean record, your insurer will favor you, try to overlook the minor damages, and grant your claim. 

It is not meant to intimidate you, but the insurers try to serve everyone justly. So it is important to investigate so that bad behavior is not further enabled and the clients learn from their mistakes and take responsibility next time.

How To Distinguish Intentional Neglect From Unintentional Neglect?

In times when such conflicting thoughts occur, there are a few things that need consideration. Let’s take a closer look at two scenarios.

Scenario 1: My Car Got Stolen But I Locked It And Parked It In A Secure Area!

Let’s say that your car was stolen, but you took all the necessary precautions to ensure its safety. In such a scenario, it means that someone had to go out of their way to steal it. Perhaps, they endangered their safety to steal your car in plain sight. Maybe they tried to pull an act for security footage to make it look like they owned the car!

In this scenario, it is not you who is at fault since you cannot keep an eye on your car at all times. Even if you went for a trip for fresh air. You live in a free country and no one gets to dictate when you should take your car out. Hence in this scenario, your claim will be justified and you will get cover for it. 

Scenario 2: I Just Got Off To Grab A Water Bottle From A Secluded Shop And My Car Was Unlocked!

Unfortunately, in this scenario, you might face complications since this shows a great amount of intentional neglect. Yes, you did not intend to lose your car but you left it unattended for anyone with malicious intent. Even if it is for a few seconds, it counts as your neglect. 

So you should always lock your doors no matter how short your trip is. If you have to make multiple trips, let’s say you got groceries then you must park your car inside your house and secure the gate before leaving the car unattended. 

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Now we know the meaning of genuine neglect and why you are not covered for it. Let’s Compare always tries to bring up the most talked about and least acknowledged topics to bring awareness among the clients so they can feel empowered in their decision.