Europe is the tourist hub with over 616 million visitors last year. It is the most visited continent in the world. Despite being the most visited country, there are still some spots that are hidden from ordinary sight. These places are a gem to visit for people who love to travel. 

We have compiled a list of places that might intrigue the interest of people with different aesthetic senses. Let’s take a look at some of these. 

Mount Titano

Mount Titano is the highest peak in San Marino, stretches up to the Adriatic Sea serving an amazing landscape in between stretching to Italy. Old stone benches serve as the resting spots for tired tourists as they explore the city. They also add to the city's aesthetic, making the journey even more welcoming while you sulk in the warm sun.

It is also a spot to visit for savvy shoppers and day-trippers! Other than that it holds the repute for having the best Sammarinese cuisine with the unique cheese.

Titano Theater

Birthing place of many historical classics and Dan Brown's set from Inferno, Palazzo Vecchio in Florence. The place produced many neoclassical basilicas. It was built in the 19th century. It is a perfect place for readers interested in symbolism and vintage taste in art, music, and other works.

Faroe Islands

Although quite expensive to reach but worth every dime, the Faroe Islands are tucked in the north of the Atlantic Oceans. They serve cosmic landscapes and eye-catching sceneries. They serve as eye candy for all the eyes that behold the sight.


Home to rich history and masterpieces, Macedonia is one of the least visited places in Europe. It has many beautiful lakes and gigantic mountains. It is vastly unexplored by travelers although it is expected that its popularity may grow significantly in coming years.


A perfect blend of up and down with music blasting in the nights and relaxing afternoons, Serbia is one of the least explored spots due to its history. But now it can compete with Berlin and many other attractions famous for lavish and luxurious lifestyles and partying. Its popularity is ever-growing but it still remains largely unexplored. 


Latvia remains one of the most unvisited places with nature preserved perfectly. It has a scene like that of heaven with clear waters and dense forests. It also has sandy beaches. Other than that tourists also find museums with historically preserved artifacts adding to the attraction. You can easily find leisure time here and visit all the attractions conveniently. 


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