As of right now in Pakistan, it is quite hard to get your hands on imports. So when you actually do get your hands on one, you need to make sure that it arrives safely and in one piece. Hence where marine insurance comes into play. 

Let’s Compare Online (Pvt) Ltd has added on to its service options and extended its products while keeping in mind the concerns of its clients. We have heard and noticed a pleasant change in the client’s concern about getting their valuables insured rather than bearing with the financial loss. Let’s see that we should know about marine insurance. 

What Is Marine Insurance?

Marine insurance is a contract between you and your insurance provider to ensure the safety of your goods and cover the damages to your product in case of any unfortunate event. Marine insurance can be done for everything traveling to you via seas. Marine insurance is done for the products coming to you from one port to another.

What Does Marine Insurance Cover?

Marine insurance covers your shipments and cargo. It promises to cover cases of natural disasters, piracy, theft, violence, and other such incidents. Hence protecting your goods from natural and man-made disasters. In case of any damages to your goods, they will be covered by the insurer. 

Why Is Marine Insurance Important?

 Usually, when ordering from overseas we tend to buy products that require a big sum of our savings including the shipping which can sometimes be over the top. Imports are no joke when it comes to the prices. The goods might be as cheap as a dollar but the shipping prices are often shooting out of the roof. Any loss to the items can lead to a huge sum of money draining down the river.  This is why it is wise to get your imports covered so that you don't suffer double damage if something terrible were to happen to your valuable goods.

How Does Marine Insurance Cover

The cover for marine insurance depends on the country it serves. Marine insurance in Pakistan will provide cover in PKR. When you buy marine insurance you are supposed to put the amount of your product and it will generate quotes for you from different companies. You can now compare and select the one that suits your needs the best. 

What Products Are Covered In Marine Insurance

In marine Insurance, the coverage depends on the value of the products. Hence, making insurance for all types of products accessible for you. Whether it be a product worth 1 USD or a product worth 100 USD, all in all, your products along with the shipment cost are covered and you will not need to worry if your product doesn’t reach you on time because the transport suffered an accident on the way. Your financial damage will be reimbursed. 

Let’s Compare is an online insurance comparison platform where you can compare policies from reputed insurance companies across Pakistan. We take pride in great customer service and providing clients with unbiased advice.

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