As much as we love winters, many of us seem to not take the hazards seriously when traveling. This causes not only disruptions but also some gruesome accidents that can be avoided efficiently by simply not traveling during high-risk times.

Our Northern Areas hold immense beauty but at the same time, they are not afraid to show their wrath. To avoid becoming a victim of this raging beauty, we have compiled a list of precautions to take when traveling. Let’s look at the list.

Check For Weather Conditions

It is important that you check the weather conditions before traveling so you are aware of what you are packing. Underpacking does not only mean that you did not bring your trusty massager with you. You could have overpacked but still under-packed. Meaning you could have filled your bags to the brim with secondary essentials but forgot to pack the most necessary items like an extra pair of warm clothing, a first aid kit, and things that can assist you in survival given you find yourself in an unpleasant situation.

Pay Attention To Local News

This is the wisest act you can do without any effort. Keep your eyes and ears open for any local news on TV channels, radio, and what recently returned tourists have to say about it. Pack for necessary precautions. If you are adamant about visiting, make sure you are packing enough protective gear for yourself and your companions and have enough knowledge to combat an avalanche if needed. 

Technique Over Strength

Do you know how smaller samurais can take down the ones much bigger than them even though they lack the strength? Because sometimes you need the right technique to combat rather than the immense power. Your brain is more powerful than any other muscle in your whole body. The knowledge alone of how to deal with danger can put your frozen body into instant action.

Importance Of Drills

A popular belief is that the human body has two responses in a dangerous situation, namely, fight or flight. But there is a third response called the freeze response. This is when your brain is screaming for you to move out of the way of danger and knows all the things you need to do to avoid it but your body is paralyzed. This is because you have read and heard all the right things to do which have enhanced your brain memory but never practiced any of it to build your muscle memory. As boring as drills are, they are extremely important for your motor responses. From being able to pull a simple latch of the car door to how to tie a knot, every small task practiced will someday save your life. You might have witnessed firsthand how in instances of earthquakes people forget how to unlock their doors to run to safety, this happens exactly due to this reason. So it is extremely important that you practice what you read or hear!

Get Insured!

One of the most critical situations is when you have survived the situation somehow but now you are left in need of immediate medical attention. A first aid kit is important and after first aid, you may sometimes need more than that so having immediate medical attention is extremely important for your survival. This is why one must have travel and health insurance to seek immediate medical attention without having to worry about finances.

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