With roses, there are thorns; with good things, few bad things come with a free pass. Cars are the most valuable investment, the journey does not end with the purchase. It rather continues until the time you have the car. And everyone, including you, knows that. So scammers end up trying to rob you endlessly. 

Let’s look at some common scams in the car insurance industry.

Selling Policies At A Higher Premium

When looking for car insurance Pakistan, you might run into scammers. They will tell you an insane amount of premium, promising an equally secure coverage. But when they get the insurance from the company on your behalf, they might swap it for a much cheaper plan and keep the rest of the money for themselves. In this case, you will pay a heavy sum for a minimal cover. 

Exaggerating The Damage

Sometimes, you consult your insurer to discuss coverage when you get into an accident. They have many agents working for them, so you might get scammed by them to pay more than the worth of damage, promising that the insurer will reimburse an equal amount. But in reality, the agent might pocket the remaining amount after paying for the said damages.

Stacking Useless Policies

The agents might make you buy policies that you don’t require. Let’s say, you opt for comprehensive car insurance, and the agent insists you buy the third-party liability cover because the law requires it. The argument is true, but some research from your end will clear the misconception. Third-party liability is the least coverage one requires. Comprehensive insurance is the most coverage you can get. And it already includes Third Party Liability. And not only third-party liability but almost all kinds of damages are covered. So having comprehensive car insurance will not require you to buy any other insurance policy. 

Ghost Brokers

These are the scammers that issue a fake policy to their victims. They charge for the real policy and for the sake of satisfying their “client” they send a copy of the policy. They later go on to cancel the policy and pocket the reimbursement. This is extremely harmful to the client when the time comes for the claim. These ghost brokers are almost unreachable because most agents don’t reach out to their clients until it is time for annual policy renewal. And in case they are caught in the act, they might vanish from the face of the earth with your hard-earned money. They are the ones you need to be most cautious of. 


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