These days many countries require you to have travel insurance for many different reasons. Some of them are the ongoing pandemic, historical crisis, and many other reasons specific to that region. Today, we will look at six countries that require you to travel with a travel insurance plan.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas islands are a sight to behold! With their white sands and turquoise waters. You might be planning to visit the islands for vacation but behold! You might need to have travel insurance at hand because the Bahamas requires you to have one. Visitors must apply for insurance 72 hours before departing. You can conveniently apply for travel insurance online. The application must cover a negative PCR test and assist national health insurance. You can apply for online travel insurance by comparing the plans from “Let’s Compare.” In addition, we offer travel insurance policies from the leading companies in Pakistan. So pack your bags, and get going!



Planning to watch the football world cup live this year? You may need to pack your online travel insurance from Pakistan along with your essentials. Yes! Qatar requires you to have travel insurance because otherwise, the expenses will burn a hole in your pocket. Best travel insurance will protect you from any unforeseen events during your travel. In addition, you will have all the time to enjoy other activities. You can go to the corniche for an afternoon walk in the breeze, enjoying food at the best brunch spots, and looking at the beauty and glamor of pampered, groomed horses. Qatar takes its passion for loving horses to the next level. So buckle up for the world cup and other mesmerizing memories you will cherish! Get travel insurance online from “Let’s Compare” today to enjoy the best moments of your life.


Schengen Countries

26 countries signed a treaty to abolish their borders, and they are now known as Schengen states. They all require you to have travel insurance. So if you are planning to visit any of the Schengen countries, you will need travel insurance from Pakistan. So plan to visit the great colosseum or spend a night in one of the prettiest cities, Paris, the Eiffel tower Notre dam. So many other monuments are a sight to behold. You can apply for an insurance plan so that your lovely evening is not interrupted in any way. So sign up with us and visit “Let’s Compare” and get the best travel insurance packages from the leading companies in Pakistan! You can get travel insurance online while sitting at the comfort of your home now you do not have an excuse to miss an awaited trip.



Thailand calls for various adventures for all kinds of people. Whether you like encounters with whale sharks, monkeys, and elephants as an animal enthusiast or just a joyful evening at the beach sipping cocktails and dressing up with human fellows… Thailand has it all! But to enjoy a good time there, you need to have travel insurance. Yes! Thailand requires you to buy travel insurance beforehand that covers $50,000 in medical travel insurance and covers COVID-19 related medical treatments. So what are you waiting for? Get covered with “Let’s Compare” and enjoy the cocktails and the famous beach bars. You can book travel insurance online in three easy steps.



Turkey has one of the most diverse foods and cultures, and if you are an enthusiast for these, you must visit Turkey once in your life! But be sure to have travel insurance at your hand because Turkey requires travelers and visitors to have a travel insurance plan. The travel insurance will protect you from any unexpected trouble and ensure your financial and medical safety so that you can enjoy your well-deserved vacation. At “Let’s Compare,” we have the best travel insurance policies and plans, and we can guide you to compare travel insurance plans that suit you. So sign up, fill out a simple form, and get insured in 3 simple steps!



Skyscrapers in the UAE are a sight to behold! The many opportunities it offers for tourists include the desert safari experience in the Liwa Desert and the turquoise water beaches for relaxation. A warm, welcoming crowd will always have their hearts open for the tourists. UAE is a heaven for shopaholics! But wait! Did you get yourself covered in case something goes wrong while traveling? Hopefully, you answered YES! If not, do not worry since “Let’s Compare” has got you covered and brings you the pocket-friendly and best travel insurance policy to travel around the globe. You can compare travel insurance plans tailored to suit the needs of our clients with different needs and demands.