Health is a topic often taken lightly in our country. Spending money on endless procedures is considered more thought-through than taking time to educate ourselves and making an enlightened decision. 

Health insurance is often deemed unnecessary unless endorsed by the companies to their employees. Health insurance is a vast term extending to one's family including your parents, spouse, and children. Let’s take a look at the health insurance plans you can opt for and what are the best plans for you.

What Are The Types Of Health Insurance Plans in Pakistan?

Usually, health insurance plans are divided into 3 main categories. Individual plan, family plan, and parent plan. Each plan has its own specifications, the main factor being age. The features of each plan are designed specifically to cater to the needs of the group in question. Let’s take a deeper look into each type of plan. 

Individual Health Insurance Plans

Individual health insurance plans are organized to coddle the need of an individual. These plans cover only one individual at a time. That individual must be the one with their name on the policy. These plans are generally cheaper and offer adequate coverage. The cheapest premium starts at around PKR 2,500 from United Insurance Company (UIC). However, the individual plans raise an important question!

Are The Individual Plans Different For Different Genders?

This is a valid aspect to ensure before you sign up for insurance. You must take your gender into consideration especially if you are a female looking forward to conceiving. The only difference is that females are given maternity benefits. 

However, it is important to notice that you must get insurance before making any decisions because once the conception is through, you cannot get insurance. Even if you do get insurance, your maternity will not be covered unless you purchase it at the right time.

Family Health Insurance Plans

An individual, a spouse, and children under 18 are considered a family. Family plans are the best if you are planning to get married. Even if you don’t plan on extending your family, they are a good choice instead of having individual insurance for both of you. This will save resources and make the process less hectic. 

On the other hand, if you have children then having a family health insurance plan is a viable option. The cheapest plan you can get is for a premium of around PKR 7,500 with an adequate cover From United Insurance Company (UIC). 

Parent Health Insurance Plans

Parent plans are applicable to your parents when either of them reaches 45 years of age. It covers your parents for the cheapest premium of around PKR 19,000 from Jubilee Insurance. This cover is only applicable to your parents. 

In a parenting plan, pre-existing conditions are also covered since by that age they are more likely to be affected by them than any new condition.

Other Types Of Health Insurance Plans 

The health insurance industry does not halt here. There are other types of health insurance in Pakistan policies extending to the corporate level and companies getting their employees insured. They are called corporate health insurance plans. 

They fall under the group health insurance plans, they ensure that the companies emphasize the importance of their employee’s health. These are beneficial as they cost the companies much less than allocating each employee an individual plan.

Like any other field, health insurance is also full of misconceptions and myths! We will make sure to cover them all in our upcoming blogs, so stay tuned!

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