Winters are here and like everything else your car and your driving habits needs some preparation as well. We are going to go through a small checklist in order to have safe and stress-free winters.

From warming up to checking for strays and getting vehicle insurance, we have you all covered! Let’s check out the important stuff now.

Check For Strays!

With winter approaching, every living being is in search of comfort. So it is only natural for stray cats to look for a warm spot. They often prefer to crawl inside the engine compartment or puppies could be resting under your car oblivious of the movement. Make sure you tap the hood of your car, stomp your foot and honk the horn before you do anything to wake them up and give them time to get out from under or inside your car parts. 

Warm It Up!

In winter, when everything stable is in a compromised position your car parts need some heating up before you drive too! Otherwise, you may face some serious and long-term damage to your car's engine. One thing that indicates that your car is not warm enough to drive is when it makes a sound like heavy metal pieces rubbing together. In order to avoid it, start your engine and let it run for at least 5 minutes before you gear up. 

Check The Weather Forecast!

It is important for your own safety and to avoid any unpleasant incidents. In winter weather is more unpredictable than usual and hence it is essential that you check out the forecast for fog and rain. Especially fog because it is responsible for the higher percentage of accidents in winter. Keep your fog lights in check and your rear-view window defroster in working condition. 

Maintain Pressure In Tires!

Every 10° change in the temperature affects the pressure inside the tire. Hence you should keep the pressure in check and make sure that the tires are not in any compromised position to burst. Refill your tires as often as needed but don’t overdo it. Appropriate pressure should be demonstrated on the placard you get with your car or tires. Also, the roads can be slippery in winter or on rainy days so make sure that your tires are not worn out so much that they don’t have a proper grip. Check your brakes alongside the tires too.

Get Insured!

Getting insured is the best way to ensure a stress-free ride and financial aid in case of an accident. Car parts are often quite expensive. So it is better to have car insurance in Pakistan that can reimburse the damages rather than you having to pay thousands out of pocket. 

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