We have all noticed the rapid change in the weather and people are already planning to leave for summer trips to cooler spots. Although traveling domestically is considered safer than international travel, that might be where you are undermining the risks. 

Pakistan holds spectacles of beauty and wonders within itself making it irresistible for travelers to ignore visiting. Let’s take a look at some travel destinations to beat the heat.

Swat Valley

Known for its luscious green lands and waters so clear you can see the hidden treasures right underneath. Swat valley is a perfect summer spot due to the cool breeze and vast spreads of grass and trees cleansing the air. One trip here is bound to improve your mental and physical health and spark your overall performance when you go back to the monotonous working routines. The must-visit spots in Swat Valley are Kandol and Spindor lakes which are both accessible by jeeps and commercialized for the public to visit. Among the mesmerizing views is the well-preserved Ushu Forest is a perfect place to satisfy wanderlust. Along the forest is a road that travels across many villages resting beside the Kalam River. 

Kalash Valleys

Kalash valleys are a sight to behold and a whole experience. They have their own ethnicity, culture, and language that is specific to their region. They are an ethnic minority in Pakistan and they have a unique way of living, with their beliefs that are different from any community seen in Pakistan. The valleys are extremely beautiful and calming to the eyes. The most breathtaking are the Kalash Valley and the beautiful view of the Kalash River along the dusky road. 

Deosai Plains

Watch out for the Himalayan Brown Bear! The plains are home to them and many visitors have even spotted a few in the area. Deosai plains are referred to as the roof of the world and truthfully so, due to them being located on the highest plateau in the world. Travelers can enjoy the mesmerizing view of emerald waters and luscious grass. Put it on the list now!

Fairy Meadows

A bit of a challenge is what makes the journey worth the experience. The Fairy Meadows is worth being in a little unease to behold the sight of beautiful Nanga Parbat. Once you reach the Fairy Meadows, you will see that the place holds an uncanny resemblance to the name and is rightfully called the meadows of the fairies making it one of the most beautiful spots to visit in summers.

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