We have started a series of debunking myths surrounding insurance. In our recent article, we debunked myths about insurance in general, in this article, we will focus on myths around travel insurance!

Travel insurance from Pakistan is easy and inexpensive to get, hence people assume it comes free of consequences and misconceptions. Let’s look at the myths and debunk them together. 

Myth #1: Travel Insurance Is Unnecessary! 

If travel insurance were unnecessary, most top-rated countries would not be fussing about it. Almost all the reputed countries require you to have travel coverage. Travel insurance is not necessary for just one reason. It is a whole package that protects you while you are on the go. So, the myth is debunked! Travel insurance is vital!

Myth #2: I Don’t Need Travel Insurance From Pakistan If I Already Have Health Insurance!

As mentioned above, travel insurance does not only cover one thing, it is a whole package of coverage for travel. So, needless to say, that travel insurance does not only cover health insurance but also luggage loss, natural calamity, flight delays and so many more. You definitely need travel insurance Pakistan even if you have health insurance in your hometown.

Another prominent reason to negate this point is that your health insurance only covers you in your hometown and not when you are overseas. So, if you are seeking health insurance while traveling, you definitely need to get travel insurance.


Myth# 3: My Negligence Is Also Covered!

With all due respect, it is not! Travel insurance does not cover your negligence. Say if you purposefully left your luggage unattended and later find it missing you are not covered for that upon filing a claim. As per travel insurance policies, they cover misplaced and lost luggage, not stolen luggage.

Myth #4: Adventure Time Is Covered!

Yes, but no! In most cases, you are not covered for such trips as it falls under intentional damage in case of any mishaps. But if you are planning such a trip then you should always ask your insurer because it’s not like none of the companies cover adventure trips. Some companies do offer insurance for risky trips, you need to dig around. 

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Myth #5: Travel Insurance Covers For Places With Travel Warnings!

As it falls under intentional damage, you will not be covered for traveling to places with travel warnings. So before you travel always check for travel warnings. 

These are the 5 general myths about travel insurance. If you are still skeptical, comment down below or reach out to us for confirmation and we will definitely get back to you. 


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