Car insurance is the most popular insurance along with travel insurance. Car insurance is the best investment when it comes to protecting your car. It ensures that you are covered in an event that you are involved in an accident. 

There are many options available for car insurance in Pakistan. Namely, comprehensive car insurance, third-party liability, 5T, 3T, and 2T. There is also an option for a tracker. We are going to take a look at them together.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is for when we want full cover for the car in case of an accident. This car insurance policy guarantees that when you suffer damage to any of the pre-attached parts. It protects you against natural disasters and accidents caused by you or the other car hitting you. Hence comprehensive car insurance covers your car under all circumstances.

Third-Party Liability

Third-party liability is the cover for you when you are involved in an accident caused by you. In this case, you are responsible for the damages caused to the other person’s car so you have to pay for the repairs. Rather than paying it out of pocket, you can claim your insurance and pay them for damages. This is also the minimum insurance you should have according to the law of Pakistan.

5T, 3T, And 2T

These are different options for coverage. 2T covers theft and third-party liability. 3T covers total loss along with the aforementioned covers. 5T further covers tracker and terrorism. All of these covers still do not guarantee full coverage. That is only guaranteed by the comprehensive insurance policy. 

The 5T policy is different from comprehensive car insurance as it only covers the mentioned damages. Let's say your car is damaged due to riots or flooding then the 5T policy will not cover the damages but comprehensive will.


Tracker is to protect your car in an event of theft. Let’s say your car got stolen but you have a tracker on. So it is easily traceable and not lost, hence you will not need to file a claim for a lost vehicle and contact appropriate authorities to recover your car. 

Tracker only provides the flexibility of locating your car given there is no damage to it when the car gets stolen. If the tracker is damaged by the robber then the chances of the recovery of the car are slim and you may need to file a claim for the lost vehicle. 

Are There Other Options Available?

There are many other options available but it really depends on your location and insurer. Some insurance companies offer underinsured and uninsured motorist cover, collision coverage, and personal injury protection. Different insurance companies have different options to offer.

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