Many reputable companies provide numerous benefits to their employees. These include health benefits as well. These benefits are provided on behalf of an insurance company. Big corporate companies reach out to prestigious insurance companies and team up with them to get insurance plans for their employees, which cost them way less and the employees are adequately covered. 

Corporate health insurance is when a company seeks health insurance plans in Pakistan for its employees. It is more like a group health insurance plan that companies get for their employees. It provides covers like pre/post hospitalization benefits, OPD, and maternity benefits for female employees. 

Why Do Companies Offer Corporate Health Insurance?

Companies often offer health insurance in Pakistan to their employees to attract more employees and to retain the ones already working under the company. Other than that there are many other reasons why companies opt for corporate health insurance. One is affordability, when they purchase a bulk of insurance plans for their employees it costs them way less than getting an insurance policy for individual employees.

What Is The Coverage For These Policies?

They have many benefits, two of the main ones are listed below:

Hospitalization Benefits:

An annual limit for many hospitalization benefits is covered in this policy. It includes hospital stays and visits to the doctors during stays, surgery, specialized diagnostic tests, inpatient hospitalizations, emergency accidental treatment, and pre/post hospitalization on per day limits.

Maternity Benefits:

Maternity benefits are applied to married female employees that are under maternity. The benefits include prenatal treatments, childbirth, postnatal treatments, and complicated delivery. Health insurance purchased for maternity purposes is only applicable when it is purchased before conception. This is why corporate health insurance works better. 

Are There Criteria For Employees To Sign Up For It?

Just like any other policy, there is an eligibility criterion for the employees. The employees have to be of a certain age to sign up for it. The minimum eligibility for employees to enter is 18 years and the maximum eligibility is 59 years. Other than that the maximum eligibility for expiry is 65 years, after which you must opt for health insurance plans directly from the company. 

How Many Participants Are Needed For Corporate Health Insurance In Pakistan?

For a company to go through with the corporate health insurance plan, they need to have at least 10 participants on board. If they secure this number of employees for health insurance then they are eligible for a corporate health insurance plan.

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