Traveling is big these days and many people are opting to get travel insurance rather than traveling without any safety. Travel insurance provides you a financial cover for any unexpected incidents you might run into. So it is important to have a financial cover, especially with ever-increasing inflation and the fact that you get a hefty bill if you were to get sick or run into an accident. 


With this, it is important to know what kind of coverage your policy provides. Let’s take a look at what is generally covered in the policy. The coverage in USD depends upon the plan you purchased.

  1. In a worldwide policy, your basic coverage should cover medical expenses of up to 10,000 USD t0 100,000 USD.
  2. Emergency dental care should range from approximately 200 USD to 500 USD.
  3. Repatriation of mortal remains should cover from 200 USD to 600 USD.
  4. Deductible medical expenses and dental care should be around 100 USD.
  5. Emergency evacuation should cover around 1,000 USD to 4,000 USD.
  6. The emergency return home of the insured should be around 100 USD to 1,000 USD.
  7. Depending on the plan you went for, the return of the dependent child is either not covered or is covered for 1,000 USD.
  8. Accidental death and permanent total disability should be covered from about 10,000 USD to 20,000 USD.
  9. Delivery of medicines should be covered for around 100 USD.

Now let’s look at the losses and what is covered in case of any loss:

  1. Loss of passport should be covered for 200 USD.
  2. Loss of checked-in baggage should be covered from 250 USD to 10,000 USD.
  3. Baggage delay should be 50 USD to 100 USD.
  4. Flight delay usually covers 100 USD to 300 USD.
  5. Trip cancellations are covered from 50 USD to 200 USD.

Emergencies are also covered, let’s take a look at some basic emergency covers.

  1. Travel of one immediate family member is covered for 100 USD per day.
  2. Hijacking is covered from 50 USD to 100 USD per day.
  3. Kidnapping and ransom consultant covers around 1,000 USD.
  4. Assistance Services are included in every policy.
  5. Personal liabilities are covered up to 100,000 USD starting from 10,000 USD.

These are the basic coverage options available to you for every policy you purchase and the price range depends on the plan. The more extravagant the plan the more financial coverage it will provide you. The best way to compare these plans is to visit Let’s Compare Online (Pvt) Ltd and compare the quotes side by side for a better price and coverage comparison. Let’s Compare is an online insurance comparison platform and we are partners with 10 leading insurance companies in Pakistan. We take pride in great customer service and customer satisfaction. Visit our website now and get travel insurance!