The recent pandemic has taken the world by storm. It has halted many activities and resulted in countries having to close their borders and only open them with the strictest protocols. One of which is having a travel insurance policy from Pakistan that covers covid. 

Many insurance plans either cover covid with the premium or have an option for clients to choose from. Either way, there are options for covid so that the clients can choose from them and not face any difficulties upon landing. 

However, clients always have some relevant questions to ask when inquired about the covid cover. Some are genuinely concerned and others take it lightly. However, we suggest getting the covid cover nonetheless. Let’s take a look at some questions we get from our clients!

Is Covid Cover Necessary?

This is the first question that we often get upon asking the clients about the covid cover! As stated before, the covid-19 cover is necessary but it is still subjective to different insurers if they include it in their policy or not. 

For instance, Jubilee straight-up has no covid cover while Adamjee has a covid cover with every policy. EFU gives the choice with an added premium. So if you deem covid cover as compulsory, you should go for either EFU or Adamjee. If you strictly think you don’t need the covid cover, then you can go for Jubilee or any other company that does not have covid in their plan.

I Am Already Vaccinated, I Don’t Need It!

When we ask our clients if they need a covid cover with travel insurance, they often say that they are already vaccinated and they don’t need it. Sometimes they go into detail and inquire about the covid cover. We tell them that in case you contract covid while traveling, you will be covered for all the treatments. Covid keeps mutating itself and so after some time, a new strain keeps appearing. Hence whether you have a vaccine or not does matter. 

Every new strain is more lethal than the previous one. Each one requires a new dose of vaccination even if you are vaccinated previously. If you get sick, you will need to get quarantined and might need medication accordingly. This is why you will need a covid cover. Hence it has nothing to do with the vaccine because it keeps updating itself to adapt and dominate. 

So, now we know what is the use of covid cover and why it is important. Even if you think you don’t need the covid cover, the best move is to get it. If you still don’t get it, you better pray for an impressive immune system even with the vaccination because the virus is not coming slow. 

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