Sometimes, things get out of control and it is not anyone’s fault. Especially regarding fire-related incidents, it is extremely unpredictable when and how something escalates fast. You could be having a barbecue in a controlled environment but you could happen to spill or something can fly off to the wrong spot at the wrong time and set it ablaze. 

All in all things are not always in your control. Hence, considering this fact Let’s Compare has decided to upgrade its services. We are now dealing in Fire Insurance in Pakistan to add an extra layer of protection for our clients. Let’s take a look at what fire insurance is.

Fire insurance is an extra layer of protection for your property from fire damage. Almost all the insurance related to the property provide fire insurance to some extent but it is not enough in case of a serious fire hazard. So to cover your property in case of a fire breakout, you need to have fire insurance.

How Fire Insurance Works

The coverage of fire insurance varies with the price of the house. So it is advised to check the price of a house each year before buying insurance to make sure if you need to increase the coverage or not.

The fire insurance covers the cost of property loss during the fire. It also covers the cost of damages done in the event of putting out a fire with water or a fire extinguisher. Fire insurance policies contain general exclusions like wars and nuclear-related incidents. 

Why Buy Fire Insurance When My Homeowner’s Policy Already Covers Fire?

Your homeowner’s policy might have a cover for a fire incident but it will not be extensive. For instance, your homeowner’s policy will not cover the damages in case of lightning, wars, or nuclear risk but a fire insurance policy will cover all of these risks. Even if you don’t need it, it is still a good idea to have an extra layer of protection.

What Does The Policy Cover?

The policy covers the damage caused by almost any kind of fire. Fires are caused by electricity, faulty wiring, and explosions. Other than that fire caused due to natural causes is also covered. For instance, fires caused by lightning strikes are covered by fire insurance. 

Seeking our client's best interests we have added fire insurance to our list of protection plans. Fire insurance is an extra protection plan that gives you added benefits when it comes to fire-related incidents. We always keep our audience in mind and try to be considerate while planning. Hence, making the decision to add more insurance plans to our collection. One of them being fire insurance.

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