There is a vast majority of our public that relies on a bike rather than a car. Many people use bikes as a means of transportation even if they own a car because traveling on a bike is way more cost-effective and convenient for day-to-day travel.

For something used frequently, it only makes sense to make it as secure as we can. This is why Let’s Compare Online (Pvt) Ltd has added on to the already available insurance plans. We now deal in Bike Insurance to keep our clients safe on any transport they choose. Let’s take a look at the coverage options available for two-wheeler insurance. 

Own Damage Cover

Own damage is when your bike suffers damage in case of an accident. In this case, your insurer protects you from any financial loss and offers compensation for your repairs. This helps take the newfound stress off your shoulders so that you can rather focus on your own injuries and recovery. 

Third-Party Cover

For the third-party cover, you are offered to pay for the damage of another bike done by yours. Just like auto insurance, it offers the same coverage as well. This is the most basic cover one can have. It is also required by the law to protect law-abiding drivers from rowdy drivers. On the other hand, it also protects you in case it was not your fault but you got stuck in a bad situation. Hence providing you cover so you don’t have to pay out of pocket. 

Personal Accident Cover

Sometimes, when the circumstances are unfortunate you end up getting hurt as well as the result of an accident. This will leave you with another burden of paying for your medical bills, which can really break your back. To help you focus on your recovery, bike insurance also offers personal accidents cover in case of injury or disability faced due to the accident. 

No Claim Bonus

Just like car insurance, bike insurance also offers the NCB. This is to ensure that responsible citizens enjoy the benefits of their efforts. This encourages riders to ride with caution since they get a bonus and many other advantages if they don’t claim insurance for the time period of one year. 


Hence, in bike insurance, you will notice a lot of similarities to car insurance. from own damage cover to No Claim Bonus almost everything is the same with the same intent. All the insurance types aim to make you comfortable and focus more on your health than the repair of your damaged goods. They are all replaceable but you and your health are not. 

Let’s Comparer is an online insurance comparison platform. We try to be the voice of our clients and compensate them in any way possible. We take pride in great customer service. We are partners with reputed insurance companies across Pakistan delivering the best of the best services. We are unbiased in our suggestions. So what are you waiting for? Get insured now!

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