Let’s Compare Online (Pvt) Ltd is an exclusive platform meant to facilitate clients to buy a well-fitted insurance plan for their needs. It is a simple-to-use website that ensures an exceptional customer experience. 

This website facilitates clients at home and delivers a complete no-contact service. Another perk of Let’s Compare is that customers can compare policies from partnered companies side by side and select the best policy that suits their needs. It allows them to make well-thought-out decisions and saves them from getting unnecessary services.

Let’s Compare aims to give maximum transparency. We are the bridge between the customer and the company. Let’s Compare partners with 10 leading insurance companies in Pakistan.

Let’s Compare offers comparisons for several products like health, travel, and car insurance. It allows you to purchase all the needed products and services under one roof. It saves consumers from the hassle of checking in with one company to another or browsing multiple web pages to get a well-suited insurance plan. 

Our Services

We provide conventional insurance and takaful. Takaful is different from regular insurance. It is an Islamic way of insuring your assets. It excludes gharrar, maysir, and riba. The main difference is that conventional insurance is a risk-transfer model while takaful is the risk-sharing model. Our services include car insurance, health insurance, and travel insurance.

Car Insurance

Car insurance Pakistan safeguards the expenses in a situation where your car gets into an accident. Let’s Compare provides the best quotes from top-rated companies in Pakistan and makes sure that you get the best financial deals for your car.

It provides the following insurance policies for vehicles:

  1. Third-party liability
  2. Comprehensive vehicle insurance policy


What Is Covered Under Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

Comprehensive auto insurance provides financial immunity to the insured and the ones injured due to an accident that your vehicle caused. It also covers the passengers.

Benefits of Comprehensive Car Insurance

There are numerous benefits to comprehensive car insurance:

  1. You can file a claim regardless of who is at fault.
  2. It compensates for several losses, including theft, vandalism, accidents, and damage due to situations you cannot control.

Health Insurance

Sickness is not something desirable, but it is inevitable. Hence it is essential to have health insurance in Pakistan in the hour of need. Health insurance covers the cost of medical bills and procedures. The main advantage of having health insurance is that you have access to medical facilities at any time of the day. 

Health insurance gives you the following benefits:

  1. Health insurance protects you against unforeseen high medical costs.
  2. You get free preventive care like vaccines, screening, and some checkups.
  3. You get cashless treatment using the panel of hospitals approved by your insurer.
  4. Health insurance covers the crucial benefits. Those are essential for your health and the health of your family.


Travel Insurance

Travel insurance keeps you and your family protected while you travel internationally or domestically. In the period of COVID-19, it is vital to have travel insurance. Travel insurance Pakistan provides the following benefits:

  1. Provides coverage against; trip cancellation, baggage loss, or delayed flights.
  2. Emergency medical assistance, accidental emergency, and repatriation of remains.
  3. Replace a lost passport, cash wire assistance, or rebook canceled flights.
  4. Cover the damage to personal property rented equipment, such as rental cars.

Purchasing travel insurance through Let’s Compare is quick and easy.


Out Patients

Outpatient insurance covers your medical expenses in a case where the hospital does not require you to be admitted for more than 10 hours. A visit to a doctor for consultation will fall under outpatient benefits. The benefits include:

  1. Routine services such as health checkups and visits to clinics.
  2. GP and specialist consultation costs.
  3. Prescribed medicines diagnostic tests, including X-Rays.

How To Get Insured Through Let’s Compare

Get Insured with Let’s Compare in three simple steps: 

Complete A Simple Form

Provide us with your essential information to make the insurance possible. Fill out a simple form. It will help us find suitable quotes for your plans. 

Compare Plans

Let’s Compare provides a platform to compare quotes from different companies and select a plan. It enables you to choose the best-suited plan. Then, review and compare all of the suitable insurance plans. 

Purchase Online

Once you have decided on the plan to buy, you are now ready to purchase it. Purchase an insurance plan from the comfort of your own house. You can pay securely using our advance payment gateway. 

Let’s Compare is committed to protecting your privacy. We take pride in earning the trust of our customers and have them rely on us. Let’s Compare looks at the information of its customers to provide risk-based services that best suit them. These services are insurance broking, risk management consulting, employee benefits, and pension administration. So shake hands with Let’s Compare to get unlimited benefits.