Imagine this, you are traveling and you somehow lose your phone and also lose your luggage. Now you not only need to buy a new phone but also need to call your insurer to claim insurance. But all your data was on your phone and you don’t remember the policy number word for word.

You don’t need to worry, yet! There are a few ways you can still get the policy back if you take the right steps. Let’s look at how to get it back!

Have You Recovered Your Cell Phone?

The first and foremost concern is whether you have recovered your devices. Regardless of insurance policy, it is important that you report your missing devices and get a hold of them as soon as you can because they have all of your data that can be compromised and misused.

Do You Remember Who You Bought The Insurance From?

Along with recovering your devices, you should find a way to contact your insurer. Do you remember the name of your insurer or insurance broker that you bought your policy from? If it is an insurance brokerage firm like Let’s Compare Online, you should conveniently find their number from google and ring them. You may not remember the policy number but with your full name and ID card number, they should be able to find your insurance policy from their CRM. 

This should not be an issue! You can then claim your policy and recover all of your lost items!

Do You Remember The Insurance Company’s Name?

If you don’t remember the agent’s or insurance broker firm’s name then you may remember the name of the insurer themselves. If so, you can search for them and call them on their customer service hotline. They too will be able to pull up your policy and send it to you.

Every policy has different requirements, however, for the travel insurance policy, you need your full name, ID card, or your passport number. Your name can be duplicated but your ID card number and your passport number will be unique, so make sure you know one of those things in order to get your policy. 
Once recovered, now you can file a claim and recover all your lost items or get them reimbursed. 

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