The two most popular insurance types are comprehensive and third-party insurance. They are the most in demand. Comprehensive due to its full-fledged cover for any third party for its mandatory demand and lowest premium. 

Both play a vital role in protecting you and your car. Let’s take a look at both of them to see which one is more beneficial for our clients. 

Third-Party Liability

Third-party liability insurance is the plan that gives you financial cover in case of an accident caused by you. The insurer covers you for the damages done to the other driver’s car and health and so you don’t need to pay for the damages out of your pocket. 

Third-party liability is also mandatory by law, this is the least coverage you should have. Having third-party liability ensures that you drive carefully and other drivers around you stay safe. This insurance plan also covers the hospital bills for the injured driver till they are nursed back to health. 

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is in one policy and the most you can ask for. It covers each and every damage and injury to your car and you. It covers your car in case of theft, natural calamity, accident, and everything you can think of. Not only that it also provides cover in case of third-party liability.

Following are the covers provided by the comprehensive car insurance policy:

  1. Accidental damages
  2. Theft
  3. Total loss
  4. Fire
  5. Riots and strike
  6. Natural calamities
  7. Third-party liability
  8. Medical expenses

As we can see that the third party liability is already included in comprehensive car insurance with health cover for the driver as well. So in the long run, comprehensive car insurance is more feasible. 
Although we always leave the decision to our clients in order to get their utmost satisfaction if the clients ever look up to us we always recommend them to buy comprehensive car insurance rather than any other because it is a complete package and covers everyone without discriminating. 


The premium might be a bit higher than the third-party liability but in the long run, it'll cost you way less. Let’s look at a scenario where you caused an accident and had to claim your insurance to pay off for “their” damages. But what about yours? You will still need to pay for your damages and that can cost you way more than a comprehensive car insurance policy. So it is better to pay for the comprehensive policy than to save money and get the third-party liability policy.

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